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  • newfiber3 newfiber3 Apr 20, 2006 4:10 PM Flag

    the jig is up......

    .....i confess that i am also known as RoyTheGote, aka Tango_ Uniform.

    Haven't followed doc since he bought out PPCT and decided to train baggage handlers.

    The thing that hurt the most was when Flip implied i was a communist, lol. I am not a democrat or a republican but a card carrying conservative.

    Also remember when the General implied that NewMK was "Baby Doc"

    Anyone know who Cleo was?

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    • The General NEVER implied that MK (or newMK) was "Baby Doc." Baby Doc was the legitimate son of Doc Crants.

      The General implied that MK was Doc's ILLEGITIMATE issue. <g>

    • yes, it was fun in a demented sort of way.

      Now that I know you were TU, things make a little more sense. The General had surmised that the TU was code for another military euphemism describing your view of the company stock (dead).

      Back then I took it (probably mistakenly) as a backhanded compliment that you morphed from fibercon to "newfiber" shortly after Yahoo forced me to change to "new"MK. And I figured cleo was making fun of me by becoming "cleonew" about the same time.

      Much to my surprise, cleo did contact me by email well after PZN's stock demise, and we had a few cordial exchanges. Not totally to my surprise, she turned out to be he. I learned a little about him, but not enough to ever figure out what brought him to being wronged by Doc.

      Finally, I really am not Doc, Jr. Honest.

      Enjoyed the well and prosperous! Flip, where are you?

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