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  • winwithceltics winwithceltics Dec 20, 2006 11:40 AM Flag

    FBI: Violent crime up in 1st half of '06

    Right On, General!

    Even those two articles understate the real dammage that is being done to this country by Illegal Aliens. Oh, pardon me, that's "undocumented immigrents".

    I will see that all of my "liberal" friends get a copy.

    By the way, our new governor believes is getting them out of jail and giving them driving licenses. The party is only starting here in good old Beantown.

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    • w-w-c, the way you speak about your incoming governor-elect Patrick, one would think he was Deval, "El Diablo."

      What'd ya expekt of a Clinton appointee who was labeled a "zealot" by a NY prison warden for complaining (among other things) that its basketballs were underinflated. If the color of your skin indicates that you can jump, an underinflated basketball constitutes cruel and unusual (maybe even sadistic) punishment.

      As for him having the Commonwealth issuing drivers licenses to the illegals, the above article states that the feds may have pre-emptively made that goal unattainable.

      What concerns the General even more than El Diablo letting them out, is a week ago Wednesday's announcement by the U.S. Mint that could find the BOP inviting YOU in (for up to 5 years), w-w-c, should you liquify a penny;

      or try to leave the country with more than $5.00 in nickels and pennies in your possession;

      While you might be a rabid Celtics fan, the chances are you can't jump, so spending as much as 5 years playing with underinflated basketballs as a guest of the BOP doesn't strike the General as being a crimp in your physical activities/style.

      But if you're thinking of giving your grandkids a shiney new penny for Christmas, for goodness' sake, don't also show 'em how to use a blowtorch.

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      • In response to your nickels and pennies comment, the current
        commodity value these coins is 119% and 112% respectively.
        (This may be why the recent law was passed. . . .) As someone who bought silver coins at $15 face value and then watched them rise to and fall from $50 with the Hunt brothers, I am now asking better investment minds to advise me if I should
        now buy ten dollars of coins (4 rolls of nickels and 4 rolls of pennies) a week for the foreseeable future as a one "pop"
        investment before cheaper coins are issued in the future.
        What do you think, numismatists?/ Thank you, The Huss

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