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  • guywithbaldspot guywithbaldspot Jun 7, 2007 12:29 PM Flag

    We Wont STOP!!

    That's right, we won't stop!

    Corrections Corporation of America Announces 2-for-1 Stock Split
    Thursday June 7, 8:30 am ET

    Now in regards to your bleeding heart, liberal ass drivel, boo F_CKING hoo!

    I certainly will not help spread your propagandist CRAP! We should be deporting these illegal aliens, but since we're not because the government won't enforce the laws already on the books, I'm more than happy to make a profit by owning shares of CXW. I'd much rather have CXW providing these very much needed services than the government since CXW can do it on a more cost effective basis. In fact, I may buy some more shares!

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    • HAHAHA 7K A KID is cost effective?? The govt is flipping that bill . Wow you really have been "programed" havnt you.. you really shouldnt use words that you dont know the meaning of !!

    • Blind ! You and your kind are the biggest threat against this country...You better wake up and do some research ohh wait u cant research anything in front of your boob tube! Liberal??? haha maybe look into yourself and see if you have anything to contribute other then some phrase that you heard on FOX news .. You are making money on children in detention camps that's the bottom line..Republican, democrat conservative liberal use all these delusional descriptions to justify what your doing in your own head maybe you'll understand when you yourself are in one. youll say " Wow i helped this happen" HAHA thatll be good! Then youll wish you had some bleeding heart liberal trying to free you ! Go back to you TV! And ur 2 cars and pretend that "everything's OK"

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      • Guess what fuckwad? If they didn't illegally cross the border, then they wouldn't be in jail right now! And guess what again, dumbshit? They get better treatment, food, clothing, and shelter in any U.S. detention center than they would if they had stayed home. Why they hell do you think they come here?

        And now for your homework dipshit: Go look up the lifeboat dillemma. We're taking on water and we'll sink if we let anymore in the boat!

    • You must be in the Republican Nazi Party?
      You sound like a real ASSHOLE.

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      • And you sound like a typical asshole liberal hypocrite who talks about the need for diversity, tolerance, and needing to respect others, but in actuality you can NOT tolerate anyone who disagrees with you!

        So why don't you go take your hemp shirt, stuff it in your pipe, and go smoke it!

        P.S. Maybe I should look at investing in companies that sell mops and buckets seeing how the bleeding heart liberals are showing up to bemoan the poor plight of these criminals!

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