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  • hilltownhun2000 hilltownhun2000 Jun 7, 2007 1:02 PM Flag

    We Wont STOP!!

    You must be in the Republican Nazi Party?
    You sound like a real ASSHOLE.

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    • And you sound like a typical asshole liberal hypocrite who talks about the need for diversity, tolerance, and needing to respect others, but in actuality you can NOT tolerate anyone who disagrees with you!

      So why don't you go take your hemp shirt, stuff it in your pipe, and go smoke it!

      P.S. Maybe I should look at investing in companies that sell mops and buckets seeing how the bleeding heart liberals are showing up to bemoan the poor plight of these criminals!

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      • Guy WithBald Spot,
        You need to do some history lessons. During the ww11, the Nazi's imprisoned women and children, here we are seeing a repeat of that same bullshit. I am not saying CCA is at fault for this, because they are not. CCA, has to accept in their custody anyone the Goverment sends them, for what ever reason. The fact of the matter is these people are only seeking a better life, unfortunally they went to the United States, which is going thru a right wing agenda at the moment.
        After the 2nd world war, the United States was a front runner for United Nations personel to have undeinable access to any other country for human right abuses. In this case The United Nation"s represtive was denied that access.
        President Bush and his Administration are on CNN right now crying about the human right abuses in other countries such as Russia and China, when in fact the same shit is going on in the United States. So Fuck You, you ignorant asshole, if you want to be part of this kind of crap, live with the guilt, and or the conseqences.
        Have nice fuckin day, or better yet, I hope your next crap is a porcupine.

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