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  • plkrawuk plkrawuk Jul 25, 2007 9:08 PM Flag

    Why has CXW been dropping...

    Because most stocks drop after a split. Who is going to pay for those extra shares? Look at apple when it split,it dropped like a rock also. its just the game the companies play.Look at the last split cxw had it dropped during that split. You don't make money on splits for a long time till it pays for itself.nothing in this world is free.

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    • Actually split is nothing new. Nobody gains anything and nobody loses. The reason companies often drop a little after the split is pure psycology. If you have 2000 shares instead of 1000 before the split, its likely that you gona sell off half of your position. Thats what people do, stupid people actually, it only makes a great buying opportunity.

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      • This plkrawk is funny.
        He says a stock drops after the split and that is because there will be nobody to take the new shares. hehhehehehhe

        FYI plkrawk......the split means nothing. Infact it is a bullish sign. It invites more investors. Shorts usually cover the stock after a split to take it higher.
        This stock has its own issues why it did not go. Not just because it got split.

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