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  • guywithbaldspot guywithbaldspot May 19, 2008 1:42 PM Flag

    Bay County, FL

    Hmmm...Still not sure what to make of this situation.

    Did CCA make a low bid to get the contract and then realize that they couldn't make the contract price of $43 per prisoner a day? Was this $43 the original rate, or the reduced one?

    Why the hell should CCA have to tell the Sheriff or the Commission its plans of how they would've run the jail? Maybe it was written into the contract, but that seems like proprietary information to me.

    It already sounds like the Sheriff is setting up very low expectations of being able to meet the cost of $43 per prisoner a day, saying he "doesn't believe he can run the jail for any less than the $43 per prisoner a day that CCA had promised. In fact, government agencies like the Sheriff's Office have to pay hazard pay to it's employees, which would also raise the cost of operation."

    The Sheriff also acknowledged that there could still be problems under his management in the video clip.

    Guessing that CCA took heat for earlier problems under their management and maybe they knew the $43 per prisoner a day just wasn't feasible and wanted to renogiate, but the Commission wasn't interested or maybe CCA just thought they wouldn't be receptive to such negotiations and decided to opt out of the contract.

    Maybe the Sheriff will make a go of it, but find he cannot do the job for anything near $43 per prisoner a day and the Commission will open up bids for a new contract after a year or 2 and CCA can jump back in. We can only wait and see at this point.

    Roy, thanks for posting this. Please post anymore updates you see.

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