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  • camino482000 camino482000 Apr 22, 2012 9:01 AM Flag

    For Profit Prisons is MORALLY WRONG

    You have no idea how full of s-it CCA is, I have been a c/o for over 10 yrs. and never seen so much unprofessional behavior in my career. The victims these animals violated would scream if they knew how they are treated in these prisons. ex. popcorn Fridays, DVD weekends, Fish Fry, live music in the rec. yard, Cable TV, a/c dorms, honor housing units, etc.etc. The c/o do not even wear a badge to honor fallen Comrades. I will not invest in this BS not just because of the way they pamper inmates but by the amount of crooked politicians who receive thousands of dollars to promote this business. I do not care if you believe me or not but I would do some research on Google before I invest in this BS. You will find even Judges who have been under investigation for accepting money from their lobbyist to fill up their Juvenile centers. Leave corrections where it belongs in the responsibility of the State, it is also BS that they save taxpayers money, actually the free medical inmates receive is impeccable.

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    • If you've really been a C/O that long then you know that happy inmates are a lot easier to deal with than disgruntled ones. Take away their TV and what are they going to do? Sit around and dream up ways to mess with C/O's. I've been in corrections or 20 years and you don't know what you are talking about

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