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  • newMK newMK Jan 7, 1999 7:11 PM Flag

    Big dividends

    mistaken for fiber3. My message was meant to
    sarcastically sympathize with those poor felons on whom the
    justice system heaps the consequences of society's
    failings, as detailed in post 97. Sorry if you missed the
    connection. Always glad to have new posters, though - would
    love to have you share your thoughts with us.

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    • Gary S. Becker, 1992 U of Chicago Nobel laureate,
      wrote an article in the current issue of Business Week
      entitled "How the U.S. Handcuffed the Crime Rate".

      "The most important improvement in the conditions of
      daily living in the U.S. during the past two decades is
      due not to low unemployment or continued prosperity
      but to the sizable fall in crime. Many factors
      contributed to the lower rates, but the single most important
      one has been the greater apprehension and punishment
      of criminals....

      Some intellectuals have
      perpetrated an enormous myth - and delayed effective policies
      - by claiming that crime is not deterrable, that it
      is related in an unbending way to poverty, and that
      it can be reduced only by drastic social reforms. In
      fact, the U.S. has shown that the poor and others can
      be deterred by stacking the odds against

      The article is much longer, of course, and Becker
      supports his conclusions with reference to various studies
      and trends. Interesting reading.

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