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  • CHANEY-WT CHANEY-WT Jan 8, 1999 4:36 PM Flag


    Hi to all PZN investors.

    I am a former CCA
    shareholder who has just received PZN shares for my CCA
    shares. I would like to visit the PZN web page, obtain
    the e-mail and phone number of PZN investor relator
    relations, etc. If one of you PZN folks would help me out in
    obtaining any of the above addresses/numbers, I would
    really appreciate it. Thanks.

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    • and even saves you a buck.

      At the risk of
      being redundant with those who have already responded
      to your request for "Help", here are some

      If you go to PZN's Profile page here on Yahoo, which
      is easily accessed by clicking it on (you'll find it
      listed, along with other pages) at the upper right of
      this message you are reading, you will see, thereon,
      PZN's corporate address and
      telephone and fax

      In the vicinity of where the phone and fax
      information appears, you'll notice Home Page. If you click
      that on and hit what comes up, you'll get to the
      introductory page for the site and if you then scroll down
      towards the bottom of that page, you'll see Investor
      Relations. Clicking on that link will deliver the e-mail
      address to that department, to

      Now if you're anything like me, you much prefer to
      address someone with a name rather than an anonymous
      "info" so you may be interested to learn that, effective
      this Monday, 1/11/99, two of "old" CCA's IR veterans
      will be handling that responsibility for PZN since,
      it's remaining a public company, it needs someone to
      do that, while the "new" CCA being the now private
      OPCO, doesn't.

      Peggy Wilson Lawrence and Kerry
      Reitz will be holding down the IR fort for

      It would be my guess that, following the format
      indicated above (combined with the "name" format used at
      "old" CCA), they should be reachable as
      follows: and

      Since I am
      not absolutely certain that the foregoing addresses
      will get you to them at PZN, it might be best to call
      them this week and verify their validity.

      speaking of calling, since, unlike certain posters here,
      the General does not lay claim to any "seven figure
      portfolio" (he never did tell us where the decimal point
      goes), the General is always interested (as well as
      pleased) in the existence of a toll-free number to reach
      "corporate." CCA has one, and, thankfully, so does

      Now I realize that if I publish it here, I'll
      undoubtedly incur the wrath of that smooth talkin' old bean
      counter, MK, who'll attack me for putting the realization
      of PZN's FFO and forward-looking CAGR in jeopardy,
      but, throwing caution to the wind, here

      It's (888) 350-7348. Happy contacting.

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      • GenJackripper

        Thank you so much for the
        info. I will e-mail them today and follow up with a
        phone call Monday----can always re-send with an updated
        address Monday, if required. Thanks again.

        Hope 99
        is richly rewarding for all PZN shareholders. I
        decided to stick with Doc thru this transition, and plan
        to continue to hold long term. My view is that an
        exceptional dividend payout is pretty much assured in the
        near term. The valuation is another issue. Frankly, I
        fail to comprehend why PZN commands only about half
        the PE of similiar REITs. Hopefully, PZNs valuation
        will correct itself over the next few months when all
        of the pure growth players have completed their exit
        and residual shareholders have been augmented with
        growth and income investors. Regardless, best wishes to
        all and thanks again to everyone who responded---each
        answer is appreciated.

    • has a link to PZN. If your questions are addressed to the CCA investor relations they should receive the same response. We are however still the same company.

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