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  • RetiredPaperman RetiredPaperman Jan 16, 1999 8:17 PM Flag

    Anybody read streetcom today??? What doe

    It has the initial Roundtable with four invited participants. Barton Biggs picked only four domestic stocks and all four were REITS.

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    • That's the only reason why I bought this stock. I
      want the prisons to make money so that they can show
      me the money with dividends and increase stock
      price. I really could give a hoot about the overcrowding
      and minimization prison populations. As for human
      rights, I don't think those inmates who happen to kill
      some should have human rights since they gave up
      someones else's right to live. What about the victim's
      human rights?
      As for prisons, I hope they grow and
      prosper and house the inmates before the go to death row.
      Enough of my preaching.

      Go PZN!

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      • I don't mean to offend you I don't know you and
        your entitled to your opinion by all means. But, When
        the founders set up our legal system they made it to
        where no matter what you did or how bad the crime was.
        And don't misunderstand I am not defending their
        actions or over looking victims rights. But no matter
        what they did or how bad the crime is. Every citizen
        has the right to be treated humainely and fairly. I
        Don't know about you but, I thank God everyday that I
        live in a nation that grants me and YOU for that
        matter that protection . And I would hope that you do
        to. Killers are not the only people occupying our
        prisons and you know this. But, according to you as long
        as you make a buck you could care less about peoples
        rights. I just think placing our prison system in the
        hands of people with that attitude is a recipe for
        disaster in the years to come. I know that when a violent
        crime happens emotions get the best of us and inside we
        want an eye for an eye. But, thats exactly what the
        founders were trying to avoid when they wrote the laws. If
        you want an eye for an eye go somewhere where you get
        the death penalty for Jaywalking. Something tells me
        your attitude will change quick. By no means is our
        system perfect but, I dare say you would be hard pressed
        to find a better one anywhere on the face of the
        planet. And besides there are plenty of companies out
        there that you can make a buck on. Why not invest in
        one that is helping to solve the problem and not one
        thats sole purpose is to capitalize from the problem.
        Like I said i'm not trying to offend you or make you
        mad at me or anything we just have a differance of
        opinion. Thats another great thing about our country. You
        and I can express our opinions even if they differ,
        and not have to worry about being dragged out back
        and shot. I like making money too but i realize that
        you need to look at other factors as well as the raw
        data when picking a stock to invest in.

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