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  • Dreamer79424 Dreamer79424 Jan 18, 1999 1:27 PM Flag

    Anybody read streetcom today??? What doe

    It seems that the correctional world looks to
    Texas for guidance,
    and that much that is
    implemented here is adopted elsewhere.
    information I received this week may be foreshadowing

    what we may see nationwide. In my last posting, I said
    that TDCJ
    exercises its option to re-bid contracts
    at the annual renewal

    There are two
    newer, aggressive correctional companies entering

    the management market in a big way. CSC (Correctional
    Corporation of Florida - formerly Esmor, some
    of you will recall,)
    and MTC (Management and
    Training Corporation of Utah - which had
    government maintenance contracts and Job Corps training

    programs. They are becoming a 'player' particularly in
    detention centers.)

    Both companies are
    giving CCA/PZN a run for their money. Both also
    to be heavily capitalized, paying well over assessed
    value for
    facilites and creating what I feel is a
    fiscally dangerous

    When you have
    "challengers," who may contact the contracting agency
    TDCJ,) stating they can operate more cheaply, you may
    end up with
    fierce competition, and ultimately,
    negotiated contracts which may
    NOT cover expenses.
    Everyone involved could suffer. This is a
    phenomenon. Government will always want the lower price - but
    there be a quality sacrifice? CSC and MTC are "buying"
    their way
    into Texas, and I assume, into other

    I also heard, from sources within CCA, that they
    plan to walk away
    from all management contracts for
    facilities which they do not
    own. I would love to hear
    comments from message board
    participants about this.
    Do you feel this will impact the bottom
    line in
    the immediate or long term? What I see happening now,
    employee uncertainty, concerns for job security, and a
    which makes it a "buyer's market." With the
    introduction of new
    agressive players I see market

    A comment about inmate rights and treatment: you
    can be
    assured that if we, good-living,
    right-thinking citizens,
    accidentally land in prison, our
    roommates will have been working
    diligently, day and
    night for decades, to ensure we will be well
    for. The filing of civil rights suits, at taxpayers'

    expense, has been a passtime for numerous convicts over
    With little rehabilitation and plenty of hours to
    scheme and
    defend their rights, inmates are probably
    the best-protected
    group in the

    However, we simply have too many non-violent offenders in
    system receiving long sentences. Why should
    we pay between $30
    and $75 per day to
    incarcerate an inmate who received 99 years
    for a rock of
    crack? Or a life sentence for an ounce of


    I enjoy the message board very much and am anxious
    to hear more]
    from PZN as this merger settles.

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