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  • I_M_Wondering I_M_Wondering Jan 17, 1999 12:33 PM Flag

    Question(s) Of The Day...

    Assuming your post is legit,

    How did you gain access to a computer?

    How did you get access to the internet?

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    • Know what assume is? It's a word that makes an
      ASS out of U and ME: ass u me. That's if you are
      gullible and make assumptions.
      The post was tongue in
      check, a joke, a jest. Simply put, Bull

      Personally, I thought it was humorous. That's certainly the
      kind prison the reformists are looking for. Hey, we
      can really cut costs and respect human rights of
      criminals with a work release program. A prisoner gets up
      in the morning, leaves and goes to work, comes back
      in the evening and just sleeps in the motel/prison.
      He pays for the lodgings from his earnings. If he
      wants a computer or ISP service, he can pay for it, and
      so on.

      We do this now in many states for
      convicted DUI's, why not murderers, rapists, muggers,
      robbers, etc. What's good for one class of criminal should
      be good for all classes of criminals.

      I'm all
      for work release long as it doesn't
      reduce the divends and/or the capital gains. . . . . .

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      • Let me first say that I am not a preacher, nor am
        I a lawyer. I am just a guy who payed attention in
        history class. And I have to say that and this is only my
        opinion. But I think the framers would roll over in their
        graves if they heard all this talk about dividends and
        capital gains out weighting peoples rights . I said this
        in my 1st message but i'll say it again. I do not
        condone the actions that got the prisioners where they
        are. And I'm not saying we shouldn't have prisons or
        that we shouldn't try to save some money. But all i
        Keep hearing is you guys talking about murders and
        rapists and how they should have no rights. I am going to
        give a hypothetical example of a situation that might
        land a perfectly normal otherwise law abiding citizen
        in the pokie. And ask if their right to treated
        fairly while incarserated should go by the wayside in
        the search for dividends and capital gains. I'll use
        a guy lets call him Chester for the sake of
        arguement. Its winter time and there is alot of snow and ice
        on the road. And Chester goes out to the store to
        get his sick kid some medicine. But on his way there
        Chester accidently hits his brakes on the ice. Which we
        all know is a no no because it makes the car
        uncontrollable. Anyway he does, and he hits an oncoming car and
        kills the driver. Chances are good that Chester will be
        held responsible for that drivers death. Maybe even be
        charged with vehicular homicide. Chester certainly did
        not mean to kill the driver. But , nevertheless, he
        should be held accountable and he should pay a debt to
        society for his mistake. And let's face it it was an
        accident. Chester did not leave his house with the evil
        intention of taking someone else's life.
        unfortunately he did. The question I am asking is while Chester
        is serving his term in a prison that PZN built and
        is managed by a private management firm. Should
        Chester's right to be treated fairly while paying his debt
        to society for his mistake be maintained? Or should
        we just not give a HOOT about Chester's rights as
        long as having Chester occupy one of PZN's beds
        produces profits for PZN's shareholders?

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