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  • Agent00077 Agent00077 Jan 20, 1999 7:02 PM Flag

    Is Doc the Dalai Lama?

    Well heck ... you know how us Happy Brigaders
    read between the lines. Hey there are some ... uh ...
    interesting postings going on here nowadays. Hmm ... maybe
    this is some new tactic from those AFL-CIO folks. Us
    regulars are just going to have to be ever vigilent. Or
    maybe its just Nic deciding to change names and have a
    little fun with us. Or Cleo? ... Nnnnnnnhhhaaaaaa

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    • I served with the Dalai Lama.
      The Dalai Lama
      is my friend.
      Agent 00077, Hampton is no Dalai
      (credit to Lloyd Bentsen; 1988)

      Only one thing to
      say to you, Hampton, regarding your
      posture on
      Clinton: Can you say "Alan Greenspan?"
      Can you say
      "Bob Rubin?
      Can you say "DJIA at all-time

      Hell, if we all had to pony up to pay for a
      "hummer patrol,"
      it would be worth it, cause for
      dammed sure the intensity of
      faith in this market by
      small investors would not have been there given a Bob
      Dole, or even a George Bush, for that

      Let him/her who can honestly say they
      wouldn't/haven't lied about similar circumstances cast the first
      removal vote.
      Meanwhile, I'll enjoy, along with most
      who have come into this
      market in the last six
      years, the investing environment we have, thanks to that
      philanderer Clinton, and his team of Rubin, Greenspan, and

      Good luck to all.


      • 3 Replies to nicotinefree
      • But you and all the other democrats give clinton
        WAY TOO MUCH credit for the bull market of the 90's.
        And he's all but happy to take the credit. Alan
        Greenspan knows a whole hell of alot more than he does
        about the economy. If clinton did appoint him it was
        because some advisor told him to.
        As far as lying and
        removal votes. I would not have lied abot this because
        the way i see it the best way to keep the dogs at
        bay. Referring to what you democrats call the
        republican conspiracy. Is to not give them any ammo to work
        with. Someone forgot to clue clinton in to this. He
        knew there were ememies out to get him when he did
        what he did. He could have punched a hole in their
        case if he had just said yes i did it when he had the
        chance. About 6 or 7 months ago there were alot of
        moderate republicans out there willing to forgive him. BUT
        NO what does this freakl do.? He lies to a grand
        jury under oath. Now he wants to whine about about
        being held accountable for that. I wonder if Clinton
        knows what the definition of Orange Jumpsuit is?

      • appointed by Reagan or Bush? Sorry, but I can't
        give too much credit to Clinton. It is Republican
        mindthink to encourage the growth of retirement
        investing--the Democrats would prefer to keep us all on
        entitlements in our old age. But Hampton, don't think I
        totally share your views--I don't think of the market as
        a casino where I'm putting my money on crime. If
        PZN can give the government some healthy competition
        than I'm all for it--it's one of the few ways to get
        some accountability from the pols.

      • other than Rubin & Greenspan, I think things are
        good despite their boss. Demographics, world markets,
        corporate streamling, innovation, etc. are making this
        President look better than he should. He did learn early to
        adopt conservative strategies which have served us all
        much better than his early dereailed liberal agenda
        would have.

        No doubt this is the greatest
        country in the world. It's strength comes from many
        sources (perhaps in most part from diversity, as
        contrasted to Japan). Having a confessed liar at the helm
        bothers me.

        Sorry for rambling.

    • I really don't care what you people think of me.
      I have just asked what i thought were reasonable
      questions about PZN . And I've tried to do it a way that
      was not offensive to anyone because afterall i do not
      know any of you. If you can't handle some friendly
      critcism thats your problem not mine. Your Money do what
      ya want!!!! However, i'll stop being a stick in the
      mud on the boards and direct my questions directly to
      the governor and start digging there. And ask him why
      he thinks PZN is a good idea. But, he is a friend of
      Clinton so will be interesting to see what he has to say.
      Clinton needs to

    • Are you having fun, yet??!! See, Happy Brigade has disappeared.
      Only General continues writing in his jailhouse legalese ("audited CC"??!!), and an occasional MK!!

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