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  • newMK newMK Jan 28, 1999 8:58 PM Flag


    see post 174 for FFO/div estimates.

    off topic. (I really tried hard to stay out of this).
    Political beliefs, religious beliefs and morality are all
    relative. Whether morality embraces any natural truths is
    unclear - it's been debated by a lot of wise people over
    the last few thousand years.

    What is not
    relative is life. Life is fascinating. Procreation is
    fascinating. Understanding the fringes of life is frustrating
    - where does it begin, where does it end. Answering
    the questions of life in absolutes is dangerous. But
    when questions of life are answered in terms of
    convenience, social burdens, stereotypes and presumed
    inevitablility (predestination?), the result can only be
    described as selfish, and puts us on a social scale with

    Then again, from a purely scientific
    standpoint, there may be no difference between humans and
    animals (or plants or minerals). We are, after all,
    composed of the same few elements. Maybe that is the
    dividing line in our fundamental beliefs - either humans
    possess something unscientific or they don't.

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    • Life expands until it sufficates itself. Germs in
      a petri dish will multiply and fill the dish until
      all the food is consumed or their own waste products
      poison them. Around 1900 the deer population in the
      Kaibab forest of AZ exploded. They ate everything in
      sight including the bark off the trees. Their
      environment became so degraded the population collapsed not
      to recover for many years. It is believed there is a
      deer cycle of boom and bust population. Looking at the
      filthy cloud over Phoenix that comes back within two
      days after a rain one tends to think that people have
      reached a natural population limit. Only a little worse
      and deaths from poison air will slow growth. The
      anti-choicers are fighting an uphill battle against the facts
      of nature. Either people voluntarily limit their
      numbers or nature will cruelly do it for us.

      study of mice badly over crowded found an increase in
      violent acts against each other, insane like behavior and
      homosexuality. Could it be that our booming prison population is
      related to crowding? We are indeed in a growth

      Still curious abount combined profit number?

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