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  • exboss15 exboss15 Jan 30, 1999 12:00 AM Flag

    WHAT'S UP?????

    Thought this thread was about PZN---Where is all this from? Better yet where is all this going????

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    •'s going in a direction that questions the moral dierection the company and the nation has taken. Dishonesty is wrong.

    • See ... you read it ... didn't you. The point I
      wish to make is that the responsible and rational
      posters do not really have to read the psychotic drivel
      that has appeared on this board by new posters
      recently. You know who they are, so why are you reading
      them. I mean, if I see a marquee advertising a movie
      about sex between earthworms (I realize they may not
      have real sex but then remember neither did our boy
      Bill) I probably would choose not to attend it. If I
      choose to click onto a posting, nobody twisted my arm.
      Conversely, if someone chooses to read one of my postings and
      is at all familier with my Yahoo I.D., then can I
      not assume they have freely chosen to expose
      themselves to the content of that posting. If I have
      historically had psychotic or otherwise unpleasant content in
      the postings in the past, shouldn't they naturally
      intend to experience the same in the posting on which
      they just clicked. Please correct me if I am not being
      logical. For anyone who is not familier with my Yahoo I.D.
      then you or course have no knowledge of the type of
      content in my postings; so if you are offended then I
      apologize. And I have not even changed my I.D. to New Agent
      00077. However, I am considering changing it to Old
      Agent 00077.

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