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  • Agent00077 Agent00077 Feb 18, 1999 7:56 PM Flag

    I just want to be nnnaaaassssttttyyyyyy!

    Let this 'ol country boy see here. Now, when I
    criticised Longtheory, someone named earitch started posting
    for the very first time and stated that they just
    happened (yeah .. right) to know Longtheory. Now that I
    stated that earitch is
    Longtheory ... (hey 'yall
    guess what) yet another "new" identity, frichard98,
    comes to town here and states that earitch is not
    Longtheory and that he knows earitch. Hmm ... boy this is a
    tough one isn't it. If one is even roughly familiar
    with statistical probabilities, the only conclusion is
    that all three are the same identity. (Wait a minute
    ... my girlfriend is laughing about all of this so I
    must pause) Anyway, I guess the part that upset
    Lt,earitch, and frichard (if you read the old postings it is
    clear that the style is that of a female) was that I
    said she had been a sinner. And I know that you all
    are thinking about now ... gosh, doesn't this guy
    have a life. Why is he so concerned about all of this
    anyway?!? Well the reason is that no I do not have a life
    ... so there. But just you remember ... one day I may
    get a life and then you won't have to worry about it
    any more. But I also am at least trying to be
    entertaining since PZN is not very entertaining anymore (but
    yes little Cleonew I am still happy happy). Anybody
    know where the vasolene is?

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    • Could not stop laughing, reading your post; the
      best since Nicotine posted something in the fall
      (remember it was funny; do not remember what was it all
      about!!). You're definAtely (Flip) onto something here,
      though. Ya'll know, I do not give a flying
      about who is who, but still have a theory. All these
      posters are MK; an old gent shows up at any time his
      monicker is mentioned. But, not alone, with RP, Flip and,
      when in a good mood, as Nic! And who is MK?? But,
      well, he is in fact, DOC. So there. This whole thread
      is just one gigantic repository of Doc's

      postings!! Wait a minute, but who am I??!! But, of course, I
      am DOC's split personality!!

      • 3 Replies to cleonew
      • I was just "surfin thru the boards," sippin' a
        little Baker's, and saw that you were hangin' out. I'm
        still around, but have had little amusement from my
        investments lately...I have really been up to my ass in
        repositioning my other holdings so could buy more PZN. I'm just
        fab in love with this 20% income piece that PZN has
        become. It's revolutionized my entire perspective on
        investing. No more of this "trading" bulls''t for the old
        Nicster, no siree. I'm a value stock guy now, all the way.
        For me, this puppy's the ticket to a luxurious
        retirement---sort of like the old boy from "up home" said about
        sex---said he liked it a lot, 'cause was the only thing he'd
        ever had where he could use it, and use it, and use
        it...and it never wore out.
        All I've gotta do is buy
        it, and buy it, and it'll always spit out some
        in fact, if I heard Doc right, (and you know how we
        brigaders always que right up behind the 'quotations of
        Chairman Doc)
        it's my ticket to the good life. I don't
        know about Flip and RP and MK---sometimes
        they lose
        a little faith---but not me, girl...Every Friday
        when I get my check
        (even before the weekend's
        ration of Baker's) I go and buy me another share of PZN.
        Hell, way I figure it, I've already got over $12,000 a
        year coming, and with Social Security and Medicaid, a
        little job at Dairy Mart, we can trade the cat food for
        tuna at least half the time.

        And I can take all
        the money I saved from low oil prices and pay the
        bank all the money I borrowed to buy driller
        CLEO, this value investing is where it's at....wonder
        if Doc'll let me borrow a few
        $$ from next year's
        dividends to take my wife to supper once in a

        You take care of yourself, and keep
        naysayers in line on this board. I'll write when I can.
        Maybe next week. The boss said I might not have to work
        60 hours. Nic

      • then who am I. Doc Jr.?

      • women who could spell.

    • I believe the WHC shareholders are using it right now.

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