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  • newMK newMK Mar 10, 1999 10:22 PM Flag

    (OT) The General's flag is at half staff

    Ah, r7; as a recent poster on the thread, it's
    not surprising that you would miss the relevance the
    General's Stanley Kubrick post. These threads are whatever
    the posters make them. Many threads are inane,if not
    insane. This is a continuation of the CCA thread, which
    for the most part functioned as well as or better
    than any thread I've ever seen in terms of providing
    useful information and discussion regarding a particular
    company (pro and con, from a wide variety of

    What is relevant about the General's post
    is that he made it. He's contributed a lot of what
    you would even consider relevant, and set the tone
    for the discussion early last year. Whenever he
    posts, whatever he posts, it's nice to know he's out
    there watching.

    As for you, r7, you are just as
    welcome. But when you do post "relevant" information,
    please make it accurate or give some basis for its
    credibility. Many of us are still waiting for some
    documentation of how you know what Treasury is going to do with
    PZN (in the meantime, disbelief comes easily).

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    • If you had checked on the new dividend increase.
      Even the whinners here have been hush on the new rate
      increase as the whole plan is coming together.

      stock in the last few days is beginning to respond to
      the new rate(you back buying again?). It's starting
      to look as if under $20 will be a distant
      memory(sorry whinners) barring a real market crack(or bubble
      burst? sorry). But of course the math is just plain
      simple(and has been all along) don't grow the dividend
      15-20% and expect the stock to stand still.

      kills me is most likely most of these whinners probably
      are sitting on some mutual fund that's loaded with 5%
      growers with P/E's of 50 (Coke-Cola). ""But it's not
      stock it's a mutual fund"".

      NIce to have you

      • 2 Replies to flipper_58
      • Thanks for the welcome, but I haven't been gone.
        Just haven't been too chatty lately.

        As a guy
        on CNBC said today, "when you talk about 20% growth
        in a stock nowdays, you have to qualify it by also
        saying whether it's in a year or in a day". Or, as Cleo
        said, "welcome to the world of REITs - an eighth here,
        an eighth there.

      • Last summer I mentioned the effects of many
        closed end funds when they do rights offerings. It takes
        appx. 30-40 days to get the process done and 30-40 days
        for the stock to generally recover. I've seen this
        process dozens of times. I'm starting to feel since it
        took 6 months to close the PZN/CCA deal the time frame
        will be similar for a 80% recovery to "normalized"
        price. TO me this says we have appx. 3 months left to
        buy "bargin basement" priced shares.

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