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  • GenJackripper GenJackripper Mar 7, 1999 11:30 PM Flag

    (OT) The General's flag is at half staff

    Stanley Kubrick, who, at the age of 34, produced,
    directed, and co-wrote the screenplay of the classic black
    comedy, "Dr. Strangelove", a film that gave cinematic
    life to the character of General Jack D. Ripper, died
    today in his home in St. Albans north of London. He was
    70 years old.

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    • Not only is this type of news highly publicized, but what is its relevance to this thread?

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      • Cuban criminal escapes from private prison

        Associated Press
        Copyright 1999. The Associated Press. All
        Rights Reserved.

        HOUSTON (AP) - The search
        continued Monday for a Cuban national
        and convicted
        criminal who escaped from a north Houston detention


        Joaquin Aguila Echenique, 42,
        overpowered a guard and bolted out the
        front door of the
        Immigration and Naturalization Service Houston
        Center on Saturday evening. The facility is run by
        Corporation of America.

        Echenique, a
        convicted rapist and burglar, had served his time in
        Texas prison system and was awaiting deportation.
        However, he was
        being held indefinitely by INS because
        the United States cannot deport
        immigrants to
        Cuba, with which it has no diplomatic relations.

        Witnesses said Echenique jumped into a white van
        that appeared to be
        waiting for him. INS
        spokeswoman Luisa Aquino described him as being
        of medium
        height and build with a flower tattoo on his chest and
        shield-and-ribbon tattoo on his right arm.

        Nashville-based CCA declined to comment on the
        escape .

      • Ah, r7; as a recent poster on the thread, it's
        not surprising that you would miss the relevance the
        General's Stanley Kubrick post. These threads are whatever
        the posters make them. Many threads are inane,if not
        insane. This is a continuation of the CCA thread, which
        for the most part functioned as well as or better
        than any thread I've ever seen in terms of providing
        useful information and discussion regarding a particular
        company (pro and con, from a wide variety of

        What is relevant about the General's post
        is that he made it. He's contributed a lot of what
        you would even consider relevant, and set the tone
        for the discussion early last year. Whenever he
        posts, whatever he posts, it's nice to know he's out
        there watching.

        As for you, r7, you are just as
        welcome. But when you do post "relevant" information,
        please make it accurate or give some basis for its
        credibility. Many of us are still waiting for some
        documentation of how you know what Treasury is going to do with
        PZN (in the meantime, disbelief comes easily).

      • THAT'S WHY the title of the posting was prefaced
        with << (OT) >>, a message board courtesy
        which, to the informed lurker, means "Off Topic" and
        thereby alerts a lurker to the fact that the subject
        matter contained therein has no relevance to the
        thread's subject stock and, if they choose to, they can
        pass it by.

        HOWEVER, should even a casual
        lurker, possessing a modicum of perceptiveness, have read
        #498, they might have surmised from its content that it
        in some way related to its poster's screen name, a
        poster who had been a frequent contributor to the
        pre-merger CCA thread almost from its inception and who
        continues to try to make factually relevant, sometimes
        amazing, sometimes amusing contributions to the PZN

        It is also quite possible that that same casual
        lurker, having read posting #518, could surmise that the
        numeral in its poster's screen name might in some way
        relate to said poster's Intelligence Quotient.

    • When you're in the prison business, more inmates
      (which inevitably means more escapes, like it or not)
      means growing the business. The only way to avoid more
      escapes is to not have any inmates. Just like GM, or
      Ford, or Volvo won't have any more product liability
      suits if they quit making cars. Do you anticipate any
      of them going out of business in the near future?

    • You said "..the real Flipper is a Jack of all trades and a Master
      at none."
      My dear Flipper, this is the FIRST time in a LONG time I AGREE WITH YOU!!

      Corrections consultant's
      ethics questioned

      The Tampa Tribune
      Page 6

      (Copyright 1998)

      professor says his link to private corrections

      companies did not affect his evaluation of the industry.

      A University of Florida criminology professor on
      Tuesday called a
      probable cause finding by the state
      ethics commission a "tempest in a

      Charles Thomas said the conclusions of the nine-member
      panel were
      perplexing and without substance.

      "I have not engaged in any conduct prejudicial to
      the interests of
      anybody, public or private," he
      said. "There's not one scintilla of evidence
      to the

      In a complaint filed last June by the
      Florida Police Benevolent
      Association, Thomas was
      accused of violating state law by having
      relationships with private corrections companies or

      companies related to the private corrections industry.

      The relationship put Thomas in conflict with his
      duty to objectively
      evaluate the corrections
      industry through his research with the university,
      union charged.

      At the time, Thomas directed
      the Private Corrections Project, an
      university research project that was funded entirely by
      corrections companies.

      Thomas was a
      board member of Corrections Corporation of America

      Prison Realty Trust and held stock in CCA and
      Correctional Services
      Corp. at the times he issued an
      annual report on prison privatization used
      by stock

      In addition, Thomas was employed as a
      $50-per-hour consultant with
      the Correctional
      Privatization Commission, a state organization begun in

      1993 through legislation crafted with Thomas '

      Thomas filed appropriate disclosure
      forms about the business
      relationships with the
      university and CPC.

      Noting the dual roles and the
      financial relationships, the advocate for the
      Commission on Ethics in April issued a probable cause

      recommendation against Thomas . That recommendation was
      by the full ethics panel on Tuesday.

      While the recommendation stopped short of accusing
      Thomas of any
      wrongdoing, it referred to "a
      situation which could tempt dishonor," and
      noted that
      statute violations "are based upon the fact that a
      exists, not whether or not the Respondent
      succumbed to the temptation."

      If found guilty by an
      administrative law judge, Thomas could face
      dismissal and
      fines up tp $10,000.

      A hearing by an
      administrative law judge will be scheduled soon, unless a

      settlement is reached beforehand.

    • Welcome to the Brigade! Oh, Agent00077 forgot to tell you, newest member must pull KP until they are no longer the newest.

    • I've been on this thread for a few months now.
      And in that time I keep hearing these glowing
      prospects. Funny thing though, the stock has gone nowhere.
      Fundamentals are of course very important in any stocks price.
      But so are the techincal factors. Your making a
      mistake to rely on only one. The technicals for this
      company are terrible and will limit the stocks reaction
      to fundamental news. However, I will admit that this
      company does have one technical thing that could be
      percieved as positive. And that is that it has been trading
      in a very tight range for some time now.
      A note
      on mandatory minimums. Has the Florida legislature
      lost their freakin minds?? Mandatory minimums have
      never worked and never will.

    • This is a public board isn't it. For all I know you could be him.

    • As to your message being a little mean, I didn't
      consider it so. Of course I've been the object of a lot
      worse on the CCA thread which many of both the Happy
      and Disgruntled Brigaders here can vouch

      Unfortunately, that poster had neglected to keep on their
      medication and I became the object of their affection. It's
      that highly polished scabbard and blade I sport,
      hanging about belt high, that seems to turn certain
      people on.

    • we're still locking 'em up and throwing away the

      Justice dept announced that U.S. prison population is now
      1.8 million, and growing at an average of 210 new
      inmates per day
      (over 75,000 per year).

    • I'm NOT RAVING dude. Only voicing my opinion. You
      may not like my opinions but there are more people
      out here than you think that share my opinion. Face
      it if the opinions were much better the stock would
      be going somewhere. MY opinion

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