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  • GenJackripper GenJackripper Mar 24, 1999 2:48 PM Flag

    What do you get for $8/share these days?

    The dividend yield should be the only thing Yahoo
    is erroneously showing re: PZN and we'd be in good

    Its info is fraught with bad information and
    continues to be, despite PZN's attempts (at my urging) to
    get them to recognize the true and correct data. They
    (according to IR) refuse to do anything to correct the
    situation and accept the ACCURATE data which PZN has been
    informing them of.

    At the beginning of this year, I
    posted the fact that such things as ADV and Market Cap
    would be WRONG and explained why. They continue to be

    In answer to your question, Reitmaster_98, about the
    dividend yield being wrong, did you ever notice that
    before PZN recently declared the $0.55 currently
    indicated on Yahoo, that it previously showed zilch, zero,
    nada? Why did it do that? This is the PZN quote site,
    for heaven's sake. PZN had been paying a dividend for
    more than a year before the merger but you would've
    never known that looking at this site,

    The answer to your question is that someone at Market
    Guide considers the data relating to the pre-merger CCA
    to be operative here. That's why the maket cap is
    wrong (erroneous shares outstanding, no recognition of
    HSBC's periodic purchases despite PZN informing them of
    the correct S/O). Since CCA had not been paying a
    quarterly cash dividend, M-G (and by extension, Yahoo) only
    recognize the $0.55 that's been declared thus far
    (post-merger) rather than the $2.20 it would be extended to on
    an annual basis (and would be shown that way by
    Yahoo) if they didn't take the obstinate position I'm
    informed they have.

    I'll try to see if I can get
    the name and e-mail address of the individual @ M-G
    responsible so that this thread can express itself, if it so
    chooses. Otherwise, I think our next best bet is to see if
    we can't get the authorities to "Free Ted K." There
    are occasions when his "talents" would come in handy
    and this has been shaping up to be one of those

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