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  • newMK newMK Apr 1, 1999 9:55 PM Flag

    Value verses Momentum Investing...JMHO

    I'm not missing the point. In fact, you restated
    my point.

    If the accusation you make is true,
    the lawsuit fixed it. Right? Why would the wronged
    parties settle for less than they were allegedly screwed
    out of? You said at the time the settlement was
    announced that it involved substantial concessions by
    CCA/PZN (I, of course disagreed, but who am I to argue at
    this point?)And the court agrees with you that the
    suit wasn't frivolous - that's why they gave the
    attorneys so much for their considerable effort (I'm trying
    hard not to lose my lunch).

    Long story made
    short - you (or those of your ilk)had your day in
    court, so quit bitching.

    The IRS does NOT have to
    rule on this. They can challenge it at any time via
    audit, but their best chance to sustain a challenge
    (substance over form) is lost. Assuming PZN continually
    meets the mechanical requirements of being a REIT, they
    can prove the form reflected the substance because of
    this lawsuit. Like I say - cheap insurance.

    a reminder - more than the merger drove this stock
    down. I've gone over those facts with you before.

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    • Fundamentals DO count. With a REIT structure your
      paid out your profits and you can choose what you wish
      with them. If you own a "regular stock" you need a
      buyer for you to make your profit. If your seller then
      the situation obviously is not good.

      Street is a moody place. We like privates we hate it...why? Well the growth rates are not
      1000% any more and Internet Selling Sites are. Whey
      love REIT's they hate them. It's the nature of the
      beast I guess, always has been....into Auto stocks..out
      of auto stocks. When you make money moving money
      around, it better keep moving.

      If your a trader
      then PZN is probably not a good choice. I've always
      felt as a trader you buy high and sell
      know momentum stuff. It's why internet stocks are
      trading so well, they are moving up well. Of course
      everyone knows they are overpriced..but there going up.
      And everyone always thinks they can get the top tick
      or will get out when they want too.

      IMO, as
      an investor you buy low and sell theory
      anyway. This is disturbing to see the stock act this way
      at a market high...because we know it will go down
      further if the market declines. How it will go? If the
      market is bad you'll probably be shocked by the yield.
      IF you can't deal with that then you should plan a
      strategy what your going to do.

      My advice..focus on
      the fundamentals..not the stock price. This company
      is very cheap as a take-over candidate(I'm NOT
      implying it is though) and that's a very important measure
      I use to decide if I want a stock.

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