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  • newMK newMK Apr 20, 1999 8:18 PM Flag

    Can somebody please explain?

    Nice that you worried about me. I survived the
    slippery slopes of the Continetal Divide on the Alberta/BC
    border, and will soon be travelling near Serbia. And to
    top it off, I bought some more PZN!

    RE the
    10K/proxy: sure the Board is incestuous -aren't they all? I
    don't know many of the board members, so I don't know
    if they are worth the big bucks or not (by the way,
    Beth Moore's (corporate counsel) husband is not
    returning to the board.

    Some of the financial deals
    disclosed are too sophisticated for me to figure out. I
    gloss over them thinking that even if they are
    sweetheart deals, not enough money is involved to get
    excited about. Sorry, I still don't think Doc is
    dishonest, and I just don't worry about it. Doesn't mean I'm
    happy with the REIT.

    I also noticed that Baron
    wasn't listed as a 16% S/H of OPCO. I didn't bother
    going back to see if he and Sodexho were both 16% S/Hs
    or both 8% S/Hs. I think both 16. Seemed like he was
    in for the long haul. Again, whether he stays or
    goes, I just don't care.

    I did tell you not long
    ago that I was generally better off because of PZN
    (well, old CCA). I will now confess: I am pissed off
    about the current market value. It sucks, without
    question. You (and others) are justifiably angry. BUT -
    what can we do about it? You can sell. You can sue.
    You can hang in there. So far, I still choose to
    believe that Doc and Co. can make the value go up, even
    in this stupid REIT format.

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