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  • mikehickey mikehickey Apr 23, 1999 9:03 AM Flag

    other than Warren Buffet's

    general interest in REITS...what is driving this stock up? opinions solicited....I'm just glad I increased my holdings a few weeks ago.

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    • It would be one thing if only PZN saw this
      bounce. One COULD interpret that as game-playing. But
      look at other REITs, Starwood, Marriot etc. PZN was
      moving so much in unison with them as it lifted from 16
      to 20. It would be too much to expect that big boys
      were playing all these at once with reference to PZN's
      earnings report.

      There is strength in them there
      REIT hills. Watch your screen. All indications through
      my little spyglass are that expansion is continuing
      and earnings are flowing. REIT on!

    • I certainly hope your projection is correct. Do
      you think the annoucement of earnings May 4 is being
      discounted or is it possible that this last runup is a
      sucker play for the big boys to get some money out? As I
      have said before I have a source but for some reason
      he has been mysteriously quite. I did receive a
      response to a inquirery from PZN that they will meet steet

    • But first. . .I'm gay. My sex life is great. I'm
      an investor. My portfolio is way up this year. What
      about all you hetro hotshots? I resent the attitude
      that Spanky's being gay (or not) has anything to do
      with anything.

      About flipper's TA, I'd agree.
      There was some great basing in early April, and
      beginning 4/14 PZN has had 9 straight days of higher highs,
      8 days of higher lows broken today (4/27), and 6
      days of higher closes ending 4/22. Volume in this
      period peaked on 4/21, dropped way off through 4/23 and
      is rising again.

      I'd guess that in the next
      5 days another base at +/-20 will develop and then
      be broken to the upside. Looking for the middle 20s
      in May. What say you, flipper?

    • If my TA is correct this recent pullback(maybe
      for a few more days) represents ONE OF THE BEST TIMES
      to buy PZN since being public.

      As I have
      discussed before, and please correct me if my TA is off,
      but we are seeing a slight pull back off a SUCCESSFUL
      retest of the October low. This IMO is a critical buying
      time for long term buys. If this retest fails we're in
      for a lot more floundering to new lows I'd guess.

      Vector Analysis, a computer generated buy/sell program,
      recently upped PZN to BUY because of the rebound(shift in
      momentum). They have a $19 sell stop.

      Any others
      versed in this area? General I realize the Oracle says
      this is not a confirmed move. I can see that point of
      view, it's not had alot of time to "digest".

    • For a change I agree with Cleo. Fiber whats the relevance?
      R7 reread the last sentence of Cleo's post and the story about the boy who cried "Wolf"

    • That is if you define it as in "gay young blades"
      ... which is I believe somewhat of an anachronistic
      manner of stating one is happy; which in turn of course
      is the much preferred state of mind of "THE HAPPY

      Shame on y'all for, apparently, thinking that the Spank
      was anything other than heterosexual. Now Fiber be
      careful, as in some schools of psychology what you are
      doing could be taken as the defense mechanism of
      "projection," whereby one projects his own unconscious impulses
      onto others as a way of not having to confront them in

      Dang Spanky ... your re-entry into the non-lurking
      realm of this message board has been fraught with
      trials and tribulations. But hang in there; some of our
      posters are only suffering from PTSD (Post-traumatic
      Stress Disorder).

    • Spanky is not gay. Are you?

    • What an IDIOTIC question this is ??!! You are discounting yourself to a point of being irrelevant!!

    • Now I'm hearing that the situation isn't a serious as I was initially told. As soon as I hear something from a reliable source I'll let you know.

    • ......are you gay?

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