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  • underinv underinv Apr 29, 1999 6:37 AM Flag

    Bad News!!!

    Yes the sccf incident was blown out of
    proportion. It did have all of the rumblings that could have
    lead too a major problem. If the commish. of the St of
    Tn had not have quickly and call in the state
    troopers and a correctional officers from a locale state
    ran facility this could have been huge. Why is it
    that a cimpany is paid by tax dollars, they botch it
    and the Tax payer get stuck with the bill again.

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    • I'm just a stockholder, not an expert in this
      field but I don't understand the problem with State and
      Local law enforcement assisting (at taxpayer cost) with
      a prison break from a privately run prison. I would
      assume that this occasional (very rare) cost is factored
      in to the operator's contract. If prison breaks
      became too frequent, the operator would "pay" for this
      either by losing the contract or through their contract
      provisions (rates).

      Question for you - when a local
      or state run prison experiences a prison break, does
      that Prison's operating cost get hit with the cost of
      State Trooper assistance? I'll bet not.

      always, nobody's asking for preferential treatment. Let's
      just make sure we are always comparing apples to

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      • The reality of the situation at SCCF was that the
        commissioner ofTDOC was contacted and did offer his support
        and had backup if necessary. In actuality, the backup
        was never put in use and the staff of the facility
        (private as they are) handled the situation. This does not
        mean that the availability of the backup was not
        appreciated because it was. Fortunately it was never used. I
        know because I was very instrumental in the solution.

    • Your title serves you justly. 1st you fed false
      information at the beginning of this new. I suspect the
      information you are feeding now is also false. This is just a
      speculation from the inside.

      If there was a situation
      at any prison (state or private) that was large
      enough scale, the state troopers and other law
      enforcement agencies would be called in. If you can't
      understand this I will explain. Like us there job is public
      safety. Regardless of the cost to whom we in the
      facilities along with law enforcement have the public
      interest as a #1 priority.

      If you would like to
      compare apples to apples, when a similar situation were
      to happen at a state facility. The cost wouldn't be
      shown for that of the highway patrol. Therefore, let
      apples be apples.

      Thank you for your post and
      work from the inside glittergoddess. I hope I
      remembered your name right.

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