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  • prisonet prisonet May 8, 1999 3:17 PM Flag

    Bad News!!!

    Why is it that so many posters, to include
    yourself, totally blame the unions for anti-privatization
    moves. Isn't is possible that a few of us think
    corrections privatization is just bad public policy. Is any
    one on this board of the belief that PZN, CCA, etc.
    are in the business for altruistic reasons? Do you
    think Doc gives a tinkers damn about recidivism? You
    don't have to be branded liberal because you don't
    believe in this type of privatization. Some of it is good
    in the aftercare, halfway house, transitional
    treatment center type areas, but warehousing for the sake
    of providing beds and services is an outrageous
    solution. No one, including cwt5007, can convince me that
    in the long run, privateers save the public money.
    There are no statistics to say this is true. Given
    cwt5007's proclivity toward the industry, any study he
    published or will publish is suspect. Hire me and I'll say
    anything you want. I'll tell the world your the best damn
    broker in the business. So given the propensity to
    prevaricate, these private companies will tell you

    Look back at serious incidents in the companies and
    see how many couldn't be reached for comment or it
    was against corporate policy to comment. If 60
    minutes is correct, Doc agreed on two separate occasions
    to be interviewed and backed out because of pending
    litigation. If that's the case, he'll never give an
    interview, period. PZN/CCA doesn't know a thing about good
    PR. If you take a look at CCA's web site, they tell
    you how open they are and how quick they respond to
    media requests. BUNK!!!

    Given all of the above,
    the trend toward privatization is slowing a bit not
    because of union movements but because of three-piece
    suited snobs who think they don't have a responsibility
    to the public.

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