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  • r7ualj r7ualj Apr 28, 1999 9:56 AM Flag

    Bad News!!!

    My sources have indicated that the inmates at the
    CCA-operated South Central facility have taken over the
    prison. This is the same facility that has had a number
    of escapes over the last few months. I'll keep you
    guys posted.

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    • Nothing in local newspaper or on local CNN affiliate.

    • Yes the sccf incident was blown out of
      proportion. It did have all of the rumblings that could have
      lead too a major problem. If the commish. of the St of
      Tn had not have quickly and call in the state
      troopers and a correctional officers from a locale state
      ran facility this could have been huge. Why is it
      that a cimpany is paid by tax dollars, they botch it
      and the Tax payer get stuck with the bill again.

      • 2 Replies to underinv
      • Your title serves you justly. 1st you fed false
        information at the beginning of this new. I suspect the
        information you are feeding now is also false. This is just a
        speculation from the inside.

        If there was a situation
        at any prison (state or private) that was large
        enough scale, the state troopers and other law
        enforcement agencies would be called in. If you can't
        understand this I will explain. Like us there job is public
        safety. Regardless of the cost to whom we in the
        facilities along with law enforcement have the public
        interest as a #1 priority.

        If you would like to
        compare apples to apples, when a similar situation were
        to happen at a state facility. The cost wouldn't be
        shown for that of the highway patrol. Therefore, let
        apples be apples.

        Thank you for your post and
        work from the inside glittergoddess. I hope I
        remembered your name right.

      • I'm just a stockholder, not an expert in this
        field but I don't understand the problem with State and
        Local law enforcement assisting (at taxpayer cost) with
        a prison break from a privately run prison. I would
        assume that this occasional (very rare) cost is factored
        in to the operator's contract. If prison breaks
        became too frequent, the operator would "pay" for this
        either by losing the contract or through their contract
        provisions (rates).

        Question for you - when a local
        or state run prison experiences a prison break, does
        that Prison's operating cost get hit with the cost of
        State Trooper assistance? I'll bet not.

        always, nobody's asking for preferential treatment. Let's
        just make sure we are always comparing apples to

    • Take a look at CZN....I have both..

    • if you haven't noticed by now, there are a couple
      of posters on this board who delight in spreading
      nothing but negative info about this company. Of course,
      it is unlikely that either of these folks own stock
      in this company, and I would be willing to bet that
      they don't have the guts to short the stock. They have
      some agenda, most likely personal or political. Stay
      with the stock, its' upside potential far exceeds its'
      downside and you will be smiling all the way to the bank.

    • CZN is a utility company and looks like a dog. Perhaps mecosmo should sell his/her PZN as I am not sure they are smart enough to holding this stock.

    • Take a closer look, this will be a telecom and
      Utility co
      in the fall.I believe this dog may surprise
      wall street..
      The utility side has not performed,
      but a major change is in the works....AT&T was a dog
      for years. The holders that received Lucent are still
      smiling....Recent large trades over 2 million in single
      indicates that there are more believers out there..

    • The PZN version of the riot story went:
      "(Tuesday) was a normal day. Everything was calm. We're
      still kind of confused," said South Central Prison
      spokesman Greg Abrams. "Fifteen inmates staged a 'quite'
      The incident report they filed with the Tn Dept. of
      Corrections tells a different story. "Approx. 250 inmates
      remained on the yard and refused to go into their units."
      About 130 were encouraged to return to their cells by 2
      rounds of CS gas and 2 "Bouncing Betties". An additional
      round of CS and a round of OC split the remaining 120
      into two groups. Two Bouncing Betties got 25 of one
      group of 50 back into their cells. Betties were used on
      the other group with all but 15 returning. Eventually
      only 25 remained in the yard, breaking windows out of
      the rec building. Another Bouncin Bettie took care of
      So all the inmates are back in their "pods".
      POD, not involved in the riot, refused to return to
      their cells. After long negotiation, they returned.
      This latter incident was what PZN reported to the
      press. The rest was not important enough for us to
      As a shareholder all I ask is for honesty from the
      companies I which I own stock. They need to take their
      lumps and go on with the business.

    • What caused the prisoners to do this? What issues were negotiated.

    • The incident report didn't say. Press reports say nothing.

    • ......Much ado about absolutely nothing. Merely a non-event. Am I to believe that these are routine events?

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