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  • pkn4mom pkn4mom May 18, 1999 10:48 AM Flag

    A simple and elegant solution

    I am convinced that there is a group of folks who
    have been unhappy about the merger and they have been
    working to undermine this stock ever since. The comments
    in the release re the lawsuit is indicative of their
    attitude--whine, whine we wanted 50% growth and then were told
    only 25%, whine, whine. We don't like private prisons
    because they weaken our union, whine, whine. We are the
    analysts and we should be calling the shots, whine, whine.
    We're not going to leave the sandbox without throwing
    sand in everyone's faces. So we'll all band together
    and scare everyone by saying that we don't trust
    management. We can play into a predictable market downturn
    and fear of rising interest rates. Funny how the
    timing of all this destruction happened just as this
    stock started looking good. No doubt that much of the
    damage will take a long while to unravel. I'm still
    waiting for some real facts to make me not believe in
    PZN's management. There are a lot of politicians who
    have put faith in PZN's management--at risk of their
    own reputations--and if anyone can sniff a rate, it's
    a politician!!! I have learned to buy on downgrades
    and sell on upgrades--works with remarkable

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