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  • sumaoji sumaoji May 19, 1999 4:27 PM Flag

    back again

    Even though I said I'd shut up, I can't resist a
    comment. Flipper, Reitmaster and some others, very sage
    advice and info. Doomsayers will continue to hang around
    here, and I expect some will continue to short with a
    single digit target. Good luck to them!?! I still
    believe it is futile to argue numbers with people who
    haven't the understanding of this company's

    This is a typical "one-time" event that presents IMO a
    one-time buying opportunity. Nothing has changed about
    dividends or FFO projections. Restructuring the money flow
    is an embarrassment but not a fundamental change in
    the company. This will be a "snapback" drop,

    Long-term conditions that will ultimately underpin this
    stock are 1)market dominance; 2) an industry where
    demand outstrips supply; 3) a very clever tax structure
    re income; 4) proven growth and

    Those who have just arrived and bought at the bottom
    have gotten a steal, as have those of us who increased
    our positions. Take a look at other debacles this
    spring: CHRZ as low as 10, now near 15 and basing for
    further upside movement; TECD as low as 15, now near 30;
    and the most recent crash victim NETA as low as 13
    (?) and now beginning to snap back (up 20% today) at

    Anyone who rode them down is either asleep or aware that
    the value of the company will out (and unwilling to
    trade the issue in the meantime). Anyone who bought in
    low or averaged down will be rewarded mightily when
    the storm blows over. My weak and unreliable
    prediction - recovery to 15, a period of basing on weak
    volume followed by appreciation to the 19-21 range (all
    this within say 90-120 days?). I'm thrilled to be
    locking in a 17% return (barring future dividend
    increases) on a long-term hold.

    Best investing to

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