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  • GenJackripper GenJackripper May 22, 1999 8:38 AM Flag

    The good news is ......

    that Yahoo and the General finally agree on the market capitalization. It's only taken Market Guide about 20 weeks to get the S/O current (and correct).

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    • Has anyone read the Barrons article about this
      company. It explains the recent problems with reworking
      their contracts , prizon breaks and dividends. Not a
      favorable article by any means but it explains why the
      stock is floating lower.

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      • Where would we be without Barron's, that
        prescient weekly that has led us into many an ambush, and
        prompted me to sell some stocks way too soon. I look back
        and remember their bearish stories on Microsoft a few
        years ago, their pounding the table on MA/Com just
        before it went into the toilet, their touting of (the
        late) Penril which cost me more than a few bucks, and,
        oh yes, they even warned that Anheuser Busch (BUD)
        looked a little toppy a little over a week ago. Got a
        few profitable trades as people dumped the stock down
        to 68, only to have it recover to 76. These days, I
        almost regard Barron's as a contrary indicator. If they
        are pessimistic on PZN, that can't be too bad.

      • All,

        The folks at the correctional
        facility I visited are vey upbeat! They cite a proven
        track record and growth such as: 1) 60MM 1600 bed
        started in Feb.99 in Florence Arizona, expected to open
        in early 00 and generate annual revenues of 31MM. 2)
        37MM 1104 bed Tallahatchie Miss. facility projected
        for completion in 00 and to generate 37MM/year. 3)
        Two 1524 bed 45MM facilities to be completed in July
        00 to generate 23MM each per year, etc.,

        Bottom line is I feel comfortable with what for me is a
        large stake and plan to take advantage of this fire
        sale by accumulating.

    • -------------------------------------------------------------------


      I wanted to let you guys know about a great little
      stock I found out about on Friday called Legal Research
      Center, Inc. - LRCI - Currently trading at

      When lawyers need advice for writing and research
      services they turn to Legal Research Center. And recently
      they have been turning to them more and more. Revenues
      are up 84% from last year this most recent quarter
      and profits are coming in too. LRCI earned .03 this
      last quarter.

      According to Christopher
      Ljungkull, chief executive officer of LRC, ``This process
      has been extremely successful and we expect the trend
      to continue. In the last three quarters we have
      increased revenue 165% over the same three quarters a year
      ago... "

      ``LRC's second quarter also looks very
      promising,'' said James Seidl, LRC's president. ``In fact I
      believe the growth we're experiencing is just the
      beginning. In my 21 years in this business I've never met
      such broad and enthusiastic receptivity for the
      services and products offered by LRC.''

      Aside from
      hot revenue growth and posted earnings, Legal
      Research Center has a consumer oriented web site, sort of
      a legal/law portal site, located at where individuals can find loads of information
      about federal and state laws.

      When asked about
      any initiatives in the future which would promote an
      internet strategy or further market their current legal
      portal site (, Mr. Ljungkull
      replied: "Yes, we expect to pursue an internet strategy
      with as well as for Legal Research
      Center itself."

      Visit the company's web site at:

      We consider Legal Research Center a
      great short term investment.

      outstanding: 3.3 million/ public float 1.5 million

      IMO this little stock could hit $4 to $6 in the near


    • It was fair and balanced, other than the
      possibility of "another shoe dropping", there was nothing
      negative and new. And the comments about payments of the
      dividend were positive in my view.

      I also wondered
      if those interest rate quotes were a typo. The way
      that it was written sounds like rates were

      Of course, I would not underestimate the power of
      having our little fiasco aired in Barons. Its not a
      pretty story, and seeing it written out has its impact.
      It would not surprise me if there were some shorters
      shaking the tree on Monday just because of the

      Best - - - ST

    • With the market as hot as it is today, still, we
      REIT investors seem still caught in a void. The days
      of big capital gains in bonds appears over for
      awhile. I know in the syndicate world I deal in, if it's
      a income new issue I can guarantee a rough

      NewMk you've made some very profound statements
      publically here and in our "club". Too bad not all can be
      shared, but we started our private message board club so
      we could express all thoughts without being
      personally abused. I encourage all you readers to pay
      attention to NewMK's posts as he has been a long time
      shareholder of CCA/PZN. I don't see eye to eye on all
      things(the REIT thing) but I respect your view and your eye
      for numbers makes me gives me comfort.

      I also
      appreciate those that can come out and play devil's advocate
      with facts considered. I know, to play the role means
      most jump on your back, but if presented objectively,
      and without personal attack, worth their weight in
      gold. IMO most mangement are honest and hardworking,
      but they to some times miss the forest through the
      trees too. I think the banking crisis was a perfect
      example in the 80's. Maning banks were crooks but IMO
      most just thought "they'd get out at the top too".
      Even though the fundamnentals couldn't support the
      macro events(like our present day stock market, IMO) At
      one point in the mid 80's I was told 97% of people in
      the Northeast could not afford to buy their own home.

      Retpaperman,General, greatmood,cleo(when she's civil, I know she hates
      me bashing PW, JMHO you know)and all the people that
      fill in with plus and negative info. it's amazing all
      your input. A look at this message board for the last
      week is a clear message that investors today are a
      different breed. As NewMK has pointed out, 10 years ago 1
      in 25 PZN investors would even know what a 10-Q is.
      The level of information obtained on this board is
      amazing. Doc is dealing with a new animal. Now thanks to a
      median like this we can all learn from each other. Most
      here are very bright and if explained once they
      generally understand....ready and waiting for the new piece
      of information to build on. This is the information
      era at purest form and the World is getting smaller
      and smaller. Managements now have all of us to deal
      with too....ugh for them.


    • I'm the sure discussed would be 9.75%, not 8.75% as indicated. I can live with that rate..I was worried it would be higher.

    • I guess your all getting used to all my typos, sorry.

    • personally or for bashing PW or anyone for that
      matter. What I do hate, it is your innuendoes in trying
      to connect me to a particular point of view, firm,
      analyst or organization. I never ask, whose point of view
      you represent. I presume, it is yours. You often
      mention various sources, you are privy to, never
      disclosing their names. It's OK with me, as I am interested
      more in the info itself, than the source. Of course,
      if info sounds outlandish, I would ask for the
      source. Othewise, I presume that
      your intentions in
      posting on this board are as "pure" as mine.
      So, cut
      the crap and go back to info. And, btw, make sure,
      you proofread your posts more thoroughly. The one, I
      am replying to, has countless number of
      misspellings, missing words, etc. And, it is quite typical of
      many others.

    • What has upset me, more then you calling me
      unkind names, was your trend to posting misinformation
      to prove your point. From reading your posts for the
      past year I know you do most of your homework, as I
      try too. So I trust when your reading notes to
      financial statements you have an understanding to what they
      mean. Example.

      1)Your claim that "insiders were
      selling". When point in fact the opposite was

      2)Your claim that Sodexho was getting a great deal with
      a $20MM convertible issue in March of this year at
      $7.80/share. I asked you to explain, and you did not. Of
      course in further research I found this was a conversion
      for "old CCA"...Here's the text ""the Company issued
      a $20.0 million convertible subordinated
      note to
      Sodexho pursuant to a forward contract assumed by the
      Company from Old
      CCA in the Merger. Interest on the
      note was payable at LIBOR plus 1.35% and the
      was convertible into shares of the Company's common
      stock at a conversion
      price of $7.80 per
      The recent convertible issue that was sold has a
      conversion rate of $28/share.

      I'll try to stay on the
      same page.

    • I read your post and was very surprised that at
      the end you admonish others for sloppy writing. Check
      out YOUR OWN WRITING...........your use of the comma
      is terrible. It makes it very hard to read, let
      alone understand, your message.
      Wouldn't it be
      better to stick to the subject at hand (PZN)?

    • I haven't read the article yet, but it seems if
      the only negative that the article stressed was
      management credibility, then any reaction shouldn't be so
      bad. Not that that is not a serious problem, but it
      was certainly a well-known problem before the

      If the article mentions that the dividend
      will remain high, and that the company dominates its
      industry and has strong demand for its services, those are
      certainly strong positives, and should be more than enough
      to overcome the management issues, at least with the
      stock at these levels.

      Barron's is usually very
      informative, but they are generally pretty bearish and they
      love to report on problems at companies, particularly
      related to sleazy management.

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