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  • officejrb officejrb Jun 2, 1999 11:35 PM Flag


    Tenant inducements may be accounted (capitalized)
    the same as arch or other fees but a savy investor
    should distinguish the difference.
    Inducements to a
    tenant can create the illusion of income that may or may
    not be real. The income from "induced tenants" is
    income that might otherwise not exist without the
    inducement, whereas paying an arch is cost that always takes
    place in any new development. Capitalizing income is
    what creates value, but this value is only as good as
    the predictability of those reponsible for payment.
    If the tenant is responsible, and credit worthy,
    then why does he/it need an inducement? Straight line
    rents vs. inducements should resolve the difference
    Personally i bought PZN because of compelling
    fundamentals-despite the accounting/disclosure problems.

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