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  • nicotinefree nicotinefree Jun 5, 1999 7:06 PM Flag

    To All the fake bankers

    Tn banker, Tx banker, doctor, lawyer, scam
    artist, whoever/whatever you are:

    What's happened
    with PZN doesn't change who/what you are. You are a
    fake, a fraud, a paid operative of some group
    working hard to flood this thread with negative posts.
    The irony is only that PZN mgmt. has given you so
    much fodder.

    The Nicster appreciates your
    concern about his whereabouts, but he's gone nowhere, and
    will be here when your contract ends and you go back
    in your hole.

    BTW, I should have addressed
    you as the
    "new fake banker," since a new writer
    has obviously assumed the identity. Union rules,
    weekends, overtime, and all that stuff probably. The
    sponsor of your campign should not be orgasmic to see how
    transparent the changes in your postablility index are.
    Banker # 2 is certainly more skilled in linguistics than
    #1, or is getting fed better stuff from the

    But congratulations are in order for the
    spinmeisters who are orchestrating this
    effort. You are
    doing a good job, and
    have really taken over this
    board. It's interesting to observe your move yesterday
    from a series of 'flailers,' lashing out blindly at
    anything PZN, TO your new, more literate messages of
    'analysis, assistance, sage observation, and empathy.' Good
    segue, except that in your mix of new and old, you've
    made some fundamental errors in responses to
    msgs, etc. Overall though, credit is due to whichever
    PR firm is handling this campaign. I want to see you
    go up against
    better opponents, though, before
    calling you 'good.' Right now you're only engaging in
    assisted suicide. Hmmmm....or are you???

    also interesting that you 'dropped by' long enough to
    spew a little venom and echo some of the points you
    and your colleagues have pounded into everyone for
    the past two days. "Drop by" anytime, in any
    identity. Like MK says though, you might add spellcheck
    before returning in your 'cleo' horns.

    One piece
    of advice to you paid fakes:
    Take your checks and
    buy PZN stock. Hell, you may be able to trade an
    hour's work for two-to-three hours profits in a few

    Meantime, just keep those cards and
    letters coming. They're all headed to the next level, so
    the more the merrier.

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    • Just the sad TRUTH!! Unlike many new negativists
      on this board, I have been predicting this sort of
      outcome for MANY MONTHS. Too bad, u and others chose to
      close your eyes rather than to listen!
      As I said
      before, it takes a lifetime to build credibility and
      trust and only a minute to ruin it all. This MAnagement
      was ruining its reputation for more than a year!!

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