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  • olddaddygram olddaddygram Jun 19, 1999 10:48 PM Flag

    Statistical trivia re: ADV

    We had a saying back in Muhlenburg County,KY,
    where I was born and raised: "Don't get into a pissing
    contest with a skunk". That's one some of our posters
    neeed to learn. Don't let the "off the wall"posters get
    your goat,ignore them. Like most of us who are
    interested in the stock, I enjoy hearing from Cleo. She
    throws a little cold water on us, but sometimes it wakes
    us up. I have learned from her. Being negative is
    OK, being inane is not.
    Agent, you are a good
    poster,too. I hope we can continue to hear from you.

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    • you did double down when we hit 9 1/2 right?


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      • Another old saying(we old foggies like these"old
        "The Bulls win sometimes, sometimes the Bears win, but
        the Hogs
        always loose". I have as much PZN as I
        At 61, I bought it for the dividend, not capital
        appreciation. I got in at 15.25 (CCA), foolishly bought again
        @20.25 after the first dividend and have since bought at
        13.50 and 10.50. If things work out like I hope they
        will, the dividends will supplilment my retirement
        income sufficiently to allow my wife and me to retire
        with enough cash flow to take care of our needs
        without disturbing the principal in our other
        investments. We have a very low basis in what we own and our
        portfolio has appreciated nicely.
        I appreciate your
        enthusiam and hope that your are rewarded !

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