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  • cleonew cleonew Jun 20, 1999 1:59 AM Flag

    Statistical trivia re: ADV

    As always, well reasoned and REALLY USEFUL post!!

    MK is still waiting for the definition of a word "tsures"!!
    Can you help?

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    • Could absence really make the heart grow fonder?
      I post after an absence of about 3+ weeks and the
      two "welcome backs" I get are both from "female"
      contributors here.
      And I thought MK was the guy on this
      thread with "the kivorka." Can't imagine I've got it.
      Why me? Why now? Lotta good it'd do anybody at my
      age. Must be attributable to that "decorative"
      scabbard and blade hanging from me.

      thank you. I've checked the name and address labels
      I've had sewn in all my garments, including my socks
      (in case they're the only things I happen to be
      wearing when the "authorities" find me), and it doesn't
      appear that I'm the person you're seeking (#3433) but I
      think I know who you mean.

      Cleo, thank you, too.
      I've still got a huge amount of postings on this
      thread that I'm determined to read so as to be brought
      current with what's been said here. As it happens, I was
      spot checking shortly after you'd posted your "tsures"
      message to MK and I must admit your use of that term gave
      me pause to wonder. It's not an uncommon word that's
      entered the American vernacular but I wouldn't say it was
      as well knowm or used as a lot of other

      BTW, although I would have probably (mis)spelled it
      the way you did, my authority in this area, Leo
      Rosten, provides 4 variations, all of which (including
      your version) end with the vowel being an "i," not an
      "e." (i.e. tsuris, tsouris, tsoriss, and

      What follows is a smattering of what Rosten has to

      Pronounced TSOO-riss, or TSAW-riss, to rhyme with "juris" or
      "Boris." The plural of tsorah or tsureh. From Hebrew:
      tsarah: "trouble.

      Troubles, woes, worries,

      The singular is tsorah or tsureh, but trouble is
      rarely singular.

      (Here is the word employed in
      some folk sayings. The first one sounds like its
      origins could've come from one of Nic's antecedants and
      the last one could be apropos of the current
      circumstances of PZN/CCA "longs" at a higher

      "Troubles are partial to wetness - to tears and

      "Don't worry about tomorrow; who knows what will befall
      you today?"

      "From luck (mazel) to tsuris is
      but a step; but from tsuris to mazel is a mile

      Rosten's closing bit of humor may bring a chuckle, but it
      seems (somewhat) inappropriate for a posting on Dad's

      "And how many children do YOU have?"
      children?! So what do you do for aggravation?"

      • 5 Replies to GenJackripper
      • profile sex status. For the record I'm a male
        using my wifes Yahoo name. Sorry for any confusion. I
        want to be honest and correct as possible. I mostly
        listen to the post and was wondering what happened to
        you. You Post the most profound and interisting
        info> Keep it coming. If you know who I'm talking about
        do you have his e-mail address? I was under the
        impression he was a former director who now sits on the
        advisory board. Investor relations have been no help as
        they refuse to answer any correspondence recently.
        Probably "silent Period" or the 15+ class action suits. In
        any case we've heard from everyone else in the last 3
        weeks about doom and cloom to pie in the sky. Long term
        how do you view PZN as a investment stock? I
        enphasise INVESTMENT. 2-3 YRS. So much has been said about
        the Class Action suits and alledged fraud. It would
        seem to me that this would have little effect because
        of the time element Of the court system. I am
        currently involved in a class action suit that involved
        fraud. If the settlement offer is accepted the time
        frame would have been over 10 yrs. The case in question
        is against Colonial Realty Corp. The deep pockets
        are Arthur Anderson. The settlement amount is 90
        million. The other issues bashing around are management
        credibility and the bond issue. ( make that the funding
        issue) What do you make of all this? Your opinion is
        well regarded. I have nothing to offer ecpect to ask

      • For the detailed explanation! Whatever the
        spelling, the MEANING is all the same!!

        spelling was never my strongest suit;
        just like
        Flipper's investing; or
        MK's recognizing peoples'

      • long I will hold this one. I owned it before at
        17 and sold at 21, but only cause I happen to find
        worldgate and liked it better. Now I am back but I can;t
        help but wonder if the management will restore
        confidence or will we go the route of PAH.

      • As far as your "Welcome backs" from female posters not doing you any good at your age, I have just one thing to say: Viagra!

      • TECHS:
        **This are strange times as, on the
        whole, tech is looking pretty good and no one does it
        any better than INTC. But until they get off Intel�s
        back, the chips will suffer. I still think that overall
        the sector which includes BRCM, AMAT, KLAC, LSI, and
        LSCC is doing well, but no one gains when the street
        is against them.
        **That being said I think that
        Techs will gain well over the coming weeks as the
        overall market should improve. Big names like SUNW, IBM,
        MSFT, INTC, and of course CSCO should move. (You might
        have to wait on INTC) With CSCO splitting Monday
        night, they may get into a post split funk for a bit,
        but they should start to retrace quickly. DELL could
        get a bit of respect from a nice interview in
        **I like the way SEBL has been trading and they look
        good for more. ADBE beat their estimates and made a
        nice move, they may pull back a bit but overall they
        look good for more. FDC, SLR, EMC, VRTY, LXK, TLAB,
        FOSL, SNDK, and LRCX all look as though they will be
        heading higher. SILK is a newer issue that focuses on
        selling customer service software. They look ready to
        make a powerful move soon. USWB is another "services"
        seller that we think is ready to move ahead. We still
        think NVLS is going to get the attention it needs to
        move higher soon. TQNT is one of the best looking
        possibilites of all. They are splitting soon, they make the
        right product, and they look
        great. & free trial)

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