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  • GenJackripper GenJackripper Jun 19, 1999 1:33 PM Flag

    Statistical trivia re: ADV

    By the General's reckoning, calculated over the
    past 3 months from 3/22/99 through 6/18/99, inclusive,
    incorporating a total of 63 trading days, PZN's ADV has, for
    the first time, topped the 1 million mark with an
    average of 1,029,729 shares per day.

    This figure
    is 3.30% more than the 996,818 figure currently
    being reported by Yahoo (per Yahoo's ADV data provider)
    for the past 3 month period.

    As might be
    anticipated from its volume history (see PZN's statistical
    archives or note the volume portion of PZN's big 3-month
    chart here on Yahoo), PZN's ADV (as reported here on
    Yahoo) should continue to climb over the near term so
    long as its ADV (averaged within a trading week)
    remains at least 400,000 to 500,000 shares per day (last
    week's was 812,600).

    But in a couple of months
    from now, by mid-August, PZN's ADV should begin to
    decline as mid-May's big daily volumes get subtracted
    from the "3-month" total being averaged.

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    • I have not posted for awhile on this board, but I
      just felt compelled to mention a few things:

      You bought the stock knowing that their were risks,
      so grow up and accept the actualization of some of
      these. You liked Doc enough when the stock was up ... so
      now all of a sudden you don't like him any more. Oh
      yes I forgot ... he lied. Well of course all of us
      always tell the truth. Grow up.

      2. Grow up. I
      have said it before and now I am dang well saying it
      again--no you cannot control who posts or what they say. Uh
      ... remember ... this is not Nazi Germany .. this is
      America. Who is making you read them? I do believe that
      they have subjects and screennames that should warn
      you not to read them if you already know the post
      will probably offend. Isn't reading the post, knowing
      that, kind of like masochism? Grow up. Yes General and
      olddaddygram, I realize that the aforementioned does not apply
      to you. (BYW ... my favorite post, LOL, was when
      diamond d "told" everyone to quit rendering postings that
      are not kind to the manner in which PZN is operated
      (boy talking taking things personally [ouch]); ergo,
      this does not apply to him because he is simply too
      limited to appreciate it) Talking about
      crying-in-the-sandbox-time. Maybe some of us would feel more comfortable
      investing in Toys-R-Us.

      3. Yes ... I think Doc is
      brillient. He literally invented a whole sector in the
      economy. Did you? Small minds gentlemen. Small

      4. To the shills and "pissers and moaners": Please
      keep posting on this board. It will build character.
      If I were you I would be laughing my rear end off
      (and I am sure you are ... and you should).

    • As always, well reasoned and REALLY USEFUL post!!

      MK is still waiting for the definition of a word "tsures"!!
      Can you help?

      • 1 Reply to cleonew
      • Could absence really make the heart grow fonder?
        I post after an absence of about 3+ weeks and the
        two "welcome backs" I get are both from "female"
        contributors here.
        And I thought MK was the guy on this
        thread with "the kivorka." Can't imagine I've got it.
        Why me? Why now? Lotta good it'd do anybody at my
        age. Must be attributable to that "decorative"
        scabbard and blade hanging from me.

        thank you. I've checked the name and address labels
        I've had sewn in all my garments, including my socks
        (in case they're the only things I happen to be
        wearing when the "authorities" find me), and it doesn't
        appear that I'm the person you're seeking (#3433) but I
        think I know who you mean.

        Cleo, thank you, too.
        I've still got a huge amount of postings on this
        thread that I'm determined to read so as to be brought
        current with what's been said here. As it happens, I was
        spot checking shortly after you'd posted your "tsures"
        message to MK and I must admit your use of that term gave
        me pause to wonder. It's not an uncommon word that's
        entered the American vernacular but I wouldn't say it was
        as well knowm or used as a lot of other

        BTW, although I would have probably (mis)spelled it
        the way you did, my authority in this area, Leo
        Rosten, provides 4 variations, all of which (including
        your version) end with the vowel being an "i," not an
        "e." (i.e. tsuris, tsouris, tsoriss, and

        What follows is a smattering of what Rosten has to

        Pronounced TSOO-riss, or TSAW-riss, to rhyme with "juris" or
        "Boris." The plural of tsorah or tsureh. From Hebrew:
        tsarah: "trouble.

        Troubles, woes, worries,

        The singular is tsorah or tsureh, but trouble is
        rarely singular.

        (Here is the word employed in
        some folk sayings. The first one sounds like its
        origins could've come from one of Nic's antecedants and
        the last one could be apropos of the current
        circumstances of PZN/CCA "longs" at a higher

        "Troubles are partial to wetness - to tears and

        "Don't worry about tomorrow; who knows what will befall
        you today?"

        "From luck (mazel) to tsuris is
        but a step; but from tsuris to mazel is a mile

        Rosten's closing bit of humor may bring a chuckle, but it
        seems (somewhat) inappropriate for a posting on Dad's

        "And how many children do YOU have?"
        children?! So what do you do for aggravation?"

    • Could you be the the persosn I seek? Initials W.A.? Former CEO of Major CT. firm? If so, how's the new home?

    • There's a 1985 Canadian made flick
      features James Woods in the title role and Alan Arkin as
      his small-time gangster father. The movie is, Joshua
      Then and Now.

      It occasionally shows up on the
      small screen (TV Guide gives it 3 stars out of 4, I
      believe) but it should be readily rentable at your local
      video store (Leonard Maltin rates it 3 stars out of

      It's a comedy-drama, one of Woods' first leading man
      roles, but it's Arkin who steals the show, IMO. Most of
      the "comedy" portion appears in the first 20 or 30
      "flashback" minutes of the film as Woods (in voice-over)
      recounts his childhood experiences growing up as a Jewish
      kid in Canada. The scene where Arkin (while shooting
      a rack in a poolhall) is explaining, in a
      father/son talk about "sex" to his pre-teen son, has got to
      elicit some chuckles, at least.

      But if you're
      craving "more," there's a scene in the beginning, where
      the bible-reading Arkin is "interpreting" scripture
      for his son, and at the very end, where the (now)
      grandfather Arkin is doing the same for his grandchildren,
      that is too precious (and humorous) to be missed.
      You'll not hear this kind of "explanation" in any Sunday

      While there're a few smiles to be gotten out of the
      remaining 90 minutes of the flick, the General has given
      his guidance to what he regards as the "meat"
      portions worth renting it for.

    • Hope he seeks it. (Elsewhere)

    • I don't know if I have ever heard of one that is not. This Prison one, started by guys in prison? Just wondering, thank you.

    • you, but you may want to go back and re-read your
      original post (#3594). The last sentence (question) was
      "So what is the company saying about status of LOC
      increase?". I responded with "On the $350 million loan, the
      company is saying they think it will get done." I was
      simply answering your question. I then go on to say that
      if it does get done it will cost them more than if
      they had gotten $300 to $400 million of public debt
      because, as you correctly point out, the public debt
      creates a subordinated cushion for the bank debt. Then I
      give reasons why I, based on my own analysis not what
      comes from the company, think that the loan will get
      done (high cash flow coverage, acyclicality of the
      business, creditwothiness of the company's clients)
      assuming the general credit environment does not
      deteriorate significantly. Finally, I give another reason
      that it is tough to get this loan done - the fact that
      a good chunk of this loan will go to pay

      Believe me, I take everything that comes out of Nashville
      with a huge grain of salt - to the point that I have
      created my own complete set of financial forecasts.
      Granted some of the inputs to that forecast have to come
      from the company because there is no other place to
      get the information, but I give those a haircut and
      use my own assumptions wherever I think I can make a
      reasonable guess.

      In any case I never in any way
      stated that the deal will get done because the company
      said so. I responded to your question with the latest
      update from the company. And by the way, if you are
      going to use quotes as in "because the company said
      so," please do us all a favor and actually use a quote
      from my post. Then people can judge for themselves
      what I was saying, especially if you accurately
      describe the context.

    • PLAYER. OK Rauger is it something we said? Come Back

    • then Flipper. Ther fact the he/she is missing makes me wonder!!

    • I will post but not respond. As you probably can
      tell, I'm in the "business". What all longs need to
      understand is that we can get bulled up and buy all the
      stock we can afford but until the Wals St. boys start
      buying we're dead in the water. Wall St loves the
      company hates a few management people and until something
      is done about that, Wall St will not buy. If WS can
      get comfortable, they'll run this stock back into the
      40's (5.5% dividend yield that will increase over
      time) This could be the big MO (Philip Morris) of the
      Y2K. i.e. a co. that increases the dividend every
      year. The power of compounding is beyond question. BUT
      RIGHT NOW. At least we are getting paid while we wait
      for the board to do something and the obvious will be
      very very difficult (not impossible) because of the
      amount of stock that he owns.

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