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  • NewFiber3 NewFiber3 Jun 28, 1999 3:37 PM Flag


    I am having a blast. It is only money. Came into
    this world without a cent and expect to leave the same
    way. Where is Longtheory and Anderson? I still hold
    stock and am losing my a*s but I enjoy watching the
    brigade squirm.

    Have a nice day.

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    • Go have a cup of coffee with Newyorkcoffeeman. I
      see no humor in seeing anyone squirm especially
      sophisticated conservative investors who have pension,
      education and savings on the line. When all is said and
      done I hope to god I'm right about this stock. I
      talked to someone today who had 30 million of this stock
      at over 30 He still has it at it's present level. Do
      you think he's a fool or do you think he knows
      something that we don't?

      • 1 Reply to buselli45
      • about old "Fibercon." His is a sad tale.
        in the past, and rarely nowadays, he somehow gets
        out of the 'home' and always heads to the nearest
        'puter to post here.
        We generally ignore him,
        especially after his last episodes when he called one or
        more of our good members 'queers.'
        Hell, even cleo
        took him apart over that one. Since then, his rare
        posts seem to go unread, or if read then left to the
        Yahoo buzzards. MK often expresses the fear that
        fibercon is really the international president of the
        prison guards union. (LMAO) And the General often
        wonders, in quiet moments, about the little town in Italy
        during WWII, and the corporal who----well never mind, if
        the General wants to share THAT story, he can do so
        himself. In any event, he never caught up with that
        soldier again.
        Peace. Nic

    • does anyone know what day they buy the stock for the drip accounts?

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