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  • newMK newMK Jul 17, 1999 9:09 PM Flag

    Please Post in a perspicacious manner

    "I do not seek glory, certainly not on this
    thread. But you still unable to reconsile with, that
    there are people, smarter than you, who'd forseen this
    fiasco from the day one.

    Exchange of one CCA
    share for .875 shares of PZN is a FAIR deal??
    me a break!!! What were you smoking??!!!"

    assume you include include yourself in that smarter
    group, and I will concede it (but see below). I will
    also confess to loving the challenge of an intelligent
    woman, but alas, my wife consumes all of my energy in
    that regard.

    I will also concede that trusting
    Doc on this deal moves me down the intelligence
    ladder a few rungs. But you see, I always asserted that
    he was smarter than me, and we now know that isn't
    saying much.

    BTW, the exchange ratio is something
    you've always been wrong on. Respective fair values
    can't get any fairer. I know of at least one old PZN
    shareholder (>5%) who feels PZN got screwed by being
    saddled with a growth company whose Q4 revenues were less
    than Q3. Fact is, at this point the "screwing" is

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