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  • buselli45 buselli45 Jul 9, 1999 5:31 PM Flag

    Please Post in a perspicacious manner

    and quit ridiculing my astute friends. As far as Leagalsleeze, "welcome aboard" as far as RJPrisions alias NYcoffeeman etc. " Get a life or at a minimum get some pchycriatic help"

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    • What do you mean NYcoffeema etc.?
      I think
      maybe you too are like the others who think I am the
      guy with all the diferent Ids.
      Again in my
      defence, you have the wrong person.
      I dont know what
      this guy done to everone on this board,but I wish
      someone would give me an ideal on how far to go back and
      start reading.
      That may be a good week-end project.

    • I am just as suprised and perplexed as you are
      about some of the replies you get on this board. Even
      though alot of the people here put up some insighful
      posts they then turn around and flame someone who
      doesn't agree with their philosophy. Start in with the
      "shill" stuff and then downhill from there. I think they
      are just paranoid, pure and simple. I am long in PZN
      and am down from where I bought in. But I'm holding
      and think it will come back.

      Even though it
      appears most are against you here, don't worry about it
      too much. Read between the lines and discount the
      knee jerk posts. If you notice, they are mostly from a
      very few people. Chalk it off to paranoia.......and
      perhaps the agony of quitting smoking.

    • Dont worry about that son,Im not going to worry about nonthing any of them say, I just want to understand why they are that way.
      no im not worried about those jerks at all.

    • Please help me understand who YOU are. Is this
      the first stock you have ever invested in? Or did you
      pick your Yahoo! identity for some other reason? I am
      interested in the story of a rich person who would invest in
      a stock like PZN, especially without bothering to
      do any research on it. I like to give everyone the
      benefit of the doubt, so if you can answer these
      questions for me then maybe I'll play ball on your team
      instead of the Nicster's. Oh yes, one more. Why was it
      important for you to change your moniker to RJPrisons from

    • RJ is my first and second intinals, prisons
      seemed fiting because of the like of business.
      change from RJp to RJP was done by my grandson who said
      from some reason or another it just looked
      I dont want you or anyone else to pick sides here,
      I'm sure nic is allright in his own way and has
      reason to doubt new comers on the board.
      check-I did my background check on this company back in
      April, at this point it appeared to be a sound
      investment, when I saw the stock was down I bought.
      I hope
      nthat answered your questions, and cleared up any doubt
      you have.
      All the same dont pick sides,nic is
      long,for me I may be short, I just dont want everone to
      think I'm a union what ever nic calls it.I have no
      intention of trying to pursuade anyone from being long or
      short, sell or buy.
      I've done some reading all the
      way back to the last of May,I see now why nic was so
      skeptial of me and others, but He should know what he is
      doing before he does it.

    • I didnt answer 1 of your questions, Is this the
      first stock I have ever invested in?
      The answer to
      that is no. I have investments in 6 other stocks at
      this time. pzn is only an experiment, a diferent field
      to tinker with, I have always had the ability to
      learn about what ever I wanted to learn, I never tried
      this area so I decided what the hell, give it a try.

    • Grgrgrgrgr Balt are you...?, long time no see, come and join us at the WHC site old buddy.

    • you are correct. The tone of RJPrisions and his
      writing style is different from nycoffeeman. I think
      maybe we do him an injustice. His tone has changed
      some, but I now believe he is a true investor in PZN
      and not a shill.

      • 2 Replies to realtimequote
      • From the previous exchanges it appears RJP stumbled into this mess and got caught in a cross fire. I don't see any of the stupid arrogance of the union shill's nonesense in his posts.

      • Spoke to PZN mgt. this week. I was told that the
        can issue special dividend in form of stock;
        preferred stock; conv. debt Ect. as long as they give
        shareholders two alternatives. Any comments or feedback would
        be appreciated.

        Also the Aug. 10th conference
        call should be lively. I want Doc Crans to submit to
        pay cut for his F--Up. $1.00 per year and NOOOOO
        repricing of ANY stock options. Also heard the OPCO's
        complete financials will be released in 10-Q and Michael
        Quinlin is now in charge in OPCO.

    • I always thought one of the best things about
      this sort of 'public forum' format was just this very
      feature: you can sort out the nuggets and cherish them,
      while flushing the dross.

      My 'delete' key still

      Of course, as they used to say in Hawaii: one man's
      meat is another man's poi, son!

      (my dross may
      be your nugget, or the {converse, inverse,
      complement, contrapositive...}

    • For a pretty good review of the Legg Mason report for 6/25 see post number 3557 by Quadrophile.

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