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  • tmacker tmacker Jul 23, 1999 2:52 PM Flag

    d%&$** unions

    don't throw gasoline on those glowing coals: I
    remember a guy who got burnt really badly that

    well, if the 'calming' rumor is 'done deal', your rumor
    should balance it nicely! ;-}

    I hear voices
    sometimes too, but when I look, usually there's no one

    as i was walking down the stair
    i spied a man who
    wasn't there:
    he wasn't there again today,
    i wish,
    i wish he'd go away!

    Now, don't let me get
    you down, I'm sure you have the very best of all
    possible intentions: but you and I aren't the sort to make
    hay on special secret inside information that isn't
    generally available to the public, are we? I thought

    We will be able to replace speculation with
    information soon enough. You may well be right. Just from a
    straight TA viewpoint, based on trend shape geometry and
    the 20-day bollinger bands, we could easily roll
    right off the table on any 'material adverse change'. I
    suppose I could hope for another 9 to 9.5 buying
    opportunity, but with the massively shrinking volume trend,
    90, 71, 43, 51, 28, 21, and 17 (thru 2:30 pm EST
    today) (units are 10K shares), I gotta believe most
    everybody I care about is sitting on their

    the only thing certain is change....

    Makes Agressive Charcoal Kindling Eerily Reminiscent

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