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  • tmacker tmacker Jul 23, 1999 3:11 PM Flag

    d%&$** unions

    I suspect that this "adverse" 'nym will soon go
    the way of tenn banker, tex banker, the dearly
    departed RJ et. al.

    Just running the numbers, or
    maybe I should say chasing them, the yarrow sticks and
    steaming entrails say modest, but significant at these low
    volumes, support in the form of pending retail (not
    institutions) bids at the 11.5 level. Tough resistance anytime
    intra-day high approaches 12 (or even 11.75).

    of the same sideways trading in the narrow range,
    keeping PZN twisting in the breezes until the LOC news
    breaks, good, bad, or indifferent.

    How do I know:
    I don't. Just pure gut. Putting in my .02
    investment as a down-payment on future bragging rights, in
    case things actually do unwind like I

    Hey, even Cleo can guess right once in a while!

    Time will tell the tale.

    Trading Momentum
    Actually Can Keep Enterprises Rotating

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