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  • nicotinefree nicotinefree Aug 18, 1999 6:10 AM Flag

    a different kind of investment now?

    Or working? Looks like you have access to a
    wire.....the Vida Carroll piece is "long-last" confirmation of
    move needed, long-overdue, but frankly, ineffectual at
    this point. Window dressing, and likely seen through
    quickly by opinion makers.

    They just don't "get
    it," do they?

    Sacrificial lambs, "I'll gladly
    pay you Thursday for my supper today" promises in
    CCs, the "Doc and Junior" show----really a little late
    for that, guys. In case you havent noticed, the
    market has sent you a really strong message since last
    Wednesday. Perhaps if you've lost the ability to read and/or
    understand the english language, there might be some "old
    heads" left in Nashville who can come back and steady
    the course that you seem unable to.

    The last
    time I checked, this company was called something
    other than "Doc and Junior's Loss Center." It's
    "step-up" time, and this market is looking for more change
    from PZN than a scapegoat named Vida.

    The fish
    rots from the head. In a press release prior to the
    LOC filling, the company reported that you were going
    to assume "less of a day-to-day" role. One investor
    calls on you to do just that.
    Now. Publicly and
    loudly. And IMHO, the market is telling you the same
    thing. Decisively. It's not just Vida Carroll whose head
    needs to fall, Doc. It's yours, AND Junior's. You
    continue to ignore the obvious, and if those who CAN
    control the future of this company don't "step up" and do
    so, the company will continue to suffer.

    we let the $$ fall to $10 again, or do something in
    a timely way? Wouldnt that be a pleasant change?

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