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  • Go2Glenn Go2Glenn Aug 18, 1999 1:42 PM Flag

    Man bites dog!

    for Brigade and other respected posters. I am curious as to how Yahoo computes PZN's average daily volume? What time span (how many days volume) do they use to compute the "average?" Thanx.

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    • pcbondsman (#6190) gave you the essentially
      correct answer but less than a better url. (The General
      is trying to be "diplomatic" here 'cause he hasn't
      forgotten PC's "acquaintance" with some

      If you go to Yahoo-Finance!'s Home page and scroll
      down, immediately below the bottom news headline you'll
      see Questions or Comments.

      If you click that
      on and scroll down, ...and down, .....and down,
      you'll eventually get to something that reads as

      Avg Vol

      Average Daily Volume is the monthly
      average of the cumulative trading volume during the last
      three months divided by 22 days. It is updated weekly,
      and is provided by Market Guide.

      Here's the
      link to that Q & C page of Frequently Asked Questions

      Now by the General's reckoning, if you assume that
      every month has 22 weekdays (no less trading days, as,
      apparently, M-G does), that would mean that a year would
      consist of 12 x 22 = 264 days + 52 weeks x 2 weekend
      days/week = 104 days = 368 calendar days. It kinda leaves
      something to be desired, as the General sees it, to a more
      accurate ADV number.

      So the obsessive/compulsive
      anal-retentive General calc's his ADV on the basis of the actual
      number of trading days within the past 3 months' worth
      of cumulative trading volume. To each, his own, as
      they say.

      Fortunately for us, M-G isn't
      calc'ing any of NASA's space missions.

      • 1 Reply to GenJackripper
      • I knew you would have much more detailed info
        than I was able to provide on short notice.

        Further, I also discovered in my 20 years with the
        military, (never attaining anything near the rank of
        General) that it's a good policy to let the "Brass" "one
        up you" whenever possible. Particularly so on those
        rare occasions when they do, in fact, known more than
        you do. :-)

    • Yahoo calls it a 3 month average.

      Beyond that they sayeth not.

      But considering
      that they have PZN in the Business Services sector
      there's no telling how they do it. I suspect the General
      will have further comments on this and perhaps Yahoo
      statistics in, er, uh, general. :-)

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