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  • r7ualj r7ualj Oct 27, 1999 12:03 PM Flag

    Reverse II

    You're right, but the rate of escapes at CCA-run facilities far exceeds that of gov't run institutions, or other private vendors for that matter.

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    • Please provide either a LINK, STUDY or SOME SORT OF EVIDENCE to support this statement.

      MK, note that the NC "article" was an Editorial.

    • I'll bet all it would take to change your outlook
      on private prisons is to put union cards in the
      guards pockets. Then they would be

      Those kind of posts has turned me, a former union
      member, from being indifferent into now finding myself as
      being anti-union. That is thanks to the posts of you
      and your friends. I recently called a plumber and
      asked if he was a union member. When he said yes, I
      called another plumber who wasn't to do the work I

      Keep it up. Maybe others here will become
      anti-union and also politically active. And unions don't
      understand why their membership isn't growing. Stupidity,
      that's why.

      • 1 Reply to Need_High_Yield
      • Yeah High -- you do need a considerable risk
        premium (i.e., yield) for a company like this one. As far
        as unions, I don't care what your predisposition is.
        As far as my post, the evidence speaks for itself.
        If Doc screws shareholders, that's on them, but the
        public should be made aware of the repeated foulups by
        CCA. Any other organization would come under the same
        scrutiny. The prison guard crimes out in California's
        system are shameful and that was a public system with
        union guards, but that doesn't matter. If a company or
        system is not able to do an adequate job, it should be
        penalized. Don't give me repeated evidence of CCA's
        inability, and I won't be able to post. You hate the
        messenger when you should hate the message.

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