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  • babycakesfirst babycakesfirst Oct 28, 1999 7:26 AM Flag

    dcbivens: Please note that you will...

    also receive an additional $660 in December, plus
    a special dividend of
    $1.50 per share.See the
    Reitmans post. It is true that the company has not
    declared the dividend however, the special must be paid
    and has been promised.We should help to inform you,
    not send you off.

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    • Just responded to your message. Sorry for the delay. Have been rather busy lately.

    • Hello buselli, Sure did miss you, a lot, see you are still as witty as ever. Shame you are still an idiot.

    • From the clues given in an earlier post (Transcor, CPI, & covenant not to compete), RAUGER is most likely a resident of the Nashville, TN area. JMHO

    • I have wondered the same thing and have found nothing. If you get a an answer, please share it.

    • I hope the light you are seeing is not, indeed, a
      fast moving train. Your information is more optimistic
      than mine, and I would be interested in where you are
      gathering it from. If you are willing to share, please send
      an e-mail to Thanks in advance.

    • Flip do you know what would be the perfect or best hedge against prison stocks (i.e., stocks that zip when prison stock zag)? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • I have not read Prechter 1996 book. Dow under 100
      obviously predicts the end of a lot.

      FYI, back in
      1992 some clown, I mean stockbroker( I was one I
      know), faxed me a chart for Henry Dent's book back then.
      In it was a the best chart prediction I've even
      seen. We all laughed at it for it predicted the Dow
      adjusted for inflation to go up 3-5 fold from then.

      It was a chart of number of people between the age
      46-49. Over it was laid the Dow, adjusted for inflation,
      it match it surprizing well all the way back to the

      Since we know how many 46-49 year old will roughly be
      around in 50 years you could possibile guess where the
      Dow will be. To save you the time, the graphed line
      peaks within a few years and plummets to approx.
      early-mid 1990's kind of levels, then rebounds back to the
      levels reached NOW in 2030-2040.

      I have found
      this corresponds with another interesting long term
      theory of A.(?) Shaw from Salomon Smith Barney. He says
      if you over lay the Japanese Nikki 15+ year bull
      market over the Dow, from it's start(?), it matches it
      exactly, selloffs and everything. His work has our market
      peaking in 2002.

      Fun to think about anyway, not
      sure if I would place money that way. Needless to say
      we could be within a few years of probably wishing
      we not heard the words "stock market".

    • Wish I could elaborate but at this point in time
      I can't. My comments are based on deductive logic
      based on certain information (fill in the puzzle piece
      type stuff). So its part info and part hunch.
      Admittedly this is a fluid situation and with PZN there is
      no such thing as a "sure thing" but I feel confident
      about the SI. Of course the terms of such a deal are
      the key element in this process. As far as occupancy
      I agree with you - steady improvement but nothing

    • I know he got the initial runup correct. It was after that that I am remembering. Dow below 100 sounds like the end of the world as we know it. Any time predictions on this occurence?

    • Thanks for the info. I would be interested to
      know why you think the SI is going to get done and the
      terms will be more favorable to pzn than most

      Everything I hear is that after prospective SIs talk with
      Doc they back out. Everyone wants pzn to go back to a
      C corp.

      Also do you have any news on
      occupancy. I hear slight improvement but nothing

      Any more info would be appreciated.

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