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  • avi29 avi29 Oct 28, 1999 11:42 AM Flag

    NewMK and Abadaba7

    Since both of you accused me of laziness and told
    me to read the 200 previous posts when I asked
    questions about PZN (which I thought was the purpose of
    this bulletin board's existence), I called and spoke
    at length with Kerry Reitz in IR. Since you were
    both so rude and unhelpful to me, I will keep the
    valuable info. she passed on to me to myself.

    the superiority complex.

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    • You can show them you are not lazy. I'm
      appointing you to reply to all the messages from new posters
      like yourself. You will now be the one to answer all
      questions from those who haven't even looked at PZN press
      releases,c 10-Q's or read any messages here to find out what
      PZN is about. Some of these haven't even looked at a
      quote on PZN, but come on here to find out what has
      been happening over the past year or two. So now you
      will get to answer all those "I saw PZN has a 25%
      dividend. Please tell me all about this company and if I
      should invest in PZN" type questions. Don't worry,
      you'll recognize them.

      The rest of us, in the
      meantime, will be happy to help those who have tried on
      their own to find out what's going on but are confused
      as to certain aspects of what they read in the press
      releases or SEC filings and need some clarification. We
      understand that getting confused is very easy to do with
      PZN. Most of us still are somewhat confused.

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      • I did not ask tham "I saw PZN has a 25% dividend,
        please tell me about PZN." I posed two very specific
        questions about the company after stating my own opinion
        and specific facts. In the time it took them to tell
        me "I am not going to give you an answer" they could
        have given me three answers to my

        And now I can say the same for you.

      • the first oak leaf cluster pin on your MBMSA
        (Message Board Meritorious Service Award) medal which the
        General awarded to you for #7461.

        Now, with #7470,
        you've garnered your second cluster.

        With your
        "attitude," N_H_Y, as expressed in the aforementioned
        postings, you will have, singlehandedly, done more to
        reduce the General's consumption of Maalox and Pepto
        Bismol than any other poster to this thread.

        are hereby forewarned that any continuation of such
        "good works" and you would be well advised to,
        concurrently, short Novartis and PG,

        Outstanding, sinply outstandaing

    • I have spoken to kerry as well, but between the "quiet period" and Doc's bombshells, I have given up expecting to get good info from IR. What have you found out?

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      • Just because other people on this board are
        idiots doesn't mean I have to be one, so I am happy to
        share the little that I learned. Perhaps "valuable" was
        a slight exaggeration, as she probably didn't tell
        me anything she didn't tell you. The one bit of
        info. I got was that she virtually guaranteed me that
        PZN will pay the special dividend by year-end and
        maintain its REIT status - whether the dividend is cash or
        not remains to be seen. There was some speculation on
        this board that PZN might forfeit its REIT status and
        re-merge with CCA. She also told me it is unlikely that
        the Nov. 10 earnings release will have any info. on
        their year-end plans. She implied late November to
        early December as the period where the big news will
        come out.

        Doctorlaszlo, can you give me your
        opinion...If no strategic investor is found and PZN pays out
        the dividend as some form of preferred stock (which I
        think the most likely scenario), what do you think will
        happen to PZN stock?

    • Just because someone was rude, don't withhold information from the rest of us. If you something to share, do it.

    • would that happened to have been you today buying the December 10 Calls? I bought the May 10's. Hope your right about the share price by the end of the year.

    • If market price of a bond at issue is IRS
      criterion, there are a number of ways market price could be
      supported. Why not issue a bond that (1) is redeemable at
      par after a set period (thus virtual cash), and (2)
      is convertible into common. Another approach could
      be to have the bonds set at a floating rate (as in
      LIBOR+), with warrants attached with a delay feature (you
      can't detach the warrants for a certain period). Doc
      needs to look at alternatives, keep it "in the family"
      so to speak.

    • <<<Is this stock going up ? When ? >>>

      When you get the answer to this, please let the rest of us know!

    • A common stock dividend does not qualify as a taxable distribution.

    • Since I have not seen this question asked here
      and no reference is made in all the company
      documentation provided by PZN, can anyone advise why PZN is/was
      incorporated in the State of Maryland? Other than tax laws,
      what are the advantages of being a Maryland based
      corporation? Thanks in advance. G

    • the conclusion is that whatever we recieve for
      the special, if it is not cash, will still have
      significant value. In fact, if one believes in the
      fundamental soundness of PZN as an ongoing concern, one might
      consider it a superior investment with...well, a high
      yield <g>.

      Thus, it is only the
      irrationality of the market that devalues PZN common due to
      uncertainty over HOW that dividend might be paid. And surely
      it makes sense that PZN would be exercising proper
      fiduciary reponsibility if it refused to extend itself too
      far in seeking a strategic investor. The SI would
      only add a small incremental advantage to one dividend
      payment (making it cash), and how can it be worth
      diluting the ongoing value of the common for this tiny

    • i never got to take economics 101,let alone pass.

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