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  • ruabum ruabum Nov 17, 1999 12:02 PM Flag


    Are any of you stock holders from CCA? If any of
    you are you know that it is going to take more than a
    rally for me to even get close to even.....this is the
    worst thing in my portfolio BY FAR!!! wish I could
    believe it was going to do something...but I have been
    waiting forever

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    • Get ready friend you are about to be called a
      union shill, anyone who speaks ill of pzn is called a
      union shill on this board.
      I will no way get close
      to breaking even either, but there are some who feel
      the company will overcome.

      This company will
      go nowhere but down, and will drag all who are in
      too deep right alone with it.

    • Yes, I was a CCA investor who has hung on to most
      of my shares. Matter of fact, I bought some more PZN
      around 13 and 9 to average down. Also, sold about a
      third for tax loss purposes. I plan to hang in there
      for several more months to see which way this one


    • It's Not going to get any better..take my advice
      and sell now for a tax loss this year .Listen I
      played that game far too long...can't tell you the
      relief of not having it in my portfolio anymore. I was
      CCA and my losses were big...but it's over now...all
      the pain and the constant agony...have fun in the
      market..with a Dow and Nasq. like we have now there's no
      reason nor excuse to stay in the mess you're
      in...Bail,invest in something else and enjoy life again.. Angel
      Kitty 1

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      • Ya are right about tax loss selling, now is the
        time to do it, if it works for you. You have to be out
        of a stock 30 days to buy back in so waiting for
        December kills you if you want to buy the stock

        As far as getting in the NASQ and makeing money,
        what do you sudgest? I see nothing but a bunch of
        stocks that are real pricy. I will probably buy Safeway
        tomorrow, but other than that, I don't see any that I can
        fall in love with, other than the ones I own. And BTW,
        some of those are real dogs! As a dog owner, I like
        them as stocks also, can pet them, feed them, and just
        love them to death and they still don't do what ya
        expect them to do.

        REITS will have their day,
        and that might be next year or the year after. As ya
        wait, you get a divend. I've bought into three REITS
        recently, and any one of them going back to where they were
        would make a good capital gain.
        I have more shares
        in each than I want to keep long term, so I will
        sell some with upswings, that has worked for me with
        the long term REITS that I own, over 6 years.

        Tax loss selling is multiplied buy what my broker
        told me today. His borkerage house, and he said a few
        others, set up trusts three years ago and invested in
        REITS. The trusts are now being cashed out and that is
        adding to the selling pressure.

        I might be wrong
        on this REIT, bought because of a Scott Burns
        article, and it didn't pump it much Monday. I might be
        wrong on some others, but it is the only sector I can
        see now that is real beat up. My profit on LU over
        the last two weeks will pay for any loss I have here
        in any case.

        Good luck to all,

      • Going to get any better, Everone was warnes a
        long time ago, about what was going to happen to pzn,
        where they were headed, and How it was going to happen.
        Pzn is 1 billion in debt, their stock has not yet hit
        bottom, and the company is cutting to the bone in order
        to try to save money.

        It will merge with a
        more stable company, Or Doc will buy it out. The only
        options left.

    • business that walks through the door?

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