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  • ms571999 ms571999 Nov 17, 1999 11:10 PM Flag


    I heard today from a reliable source that this puppy is being sold as we speak,does anyone hear anything like this?sellout price around 15

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    • Hey dimwit. Maybe you should get out your
      calculator before you go shooting off your computer. Normal
      volume: 390,000; volume at 1:45: 650,000. Still more than
      2 hours of trading left. If that's not close to a
      volume pace, I'll eat my caculator.

    • Numbrero, you have about as much of a math
      ability as a 4 year old. If you take this volume and
      extend it out to the whole day you certainl don't get 3
      times. This is just a hype frenzy in my opinion and the
      fundamentals will drive it back to the 8.5 range. Numbrero
      needs to go back to school.

    • Is is possible yesterdays selling frenzy was the
      bottom?? Sure looks like it today, based on the recovery
      in share price.. I sincerely believe this stock will
      eventually be a winner, and most likely with a year or so.,
      The business, though highly unfashionable, is about
      as solid as you could find.

    • If you want it, is that PZN will close higher for
      the next three days at least. 13 really is doable
      sometime in Dec, because this is the beginning of a rally
      off a very solid bottom.

      I messed up with a
      low-ball order and ended up getting partially filled at
      7/8 instead of the whole ball of wax at

      You can buy at 9.5 and STILL make money on the trade
      next week. All these momentary dramas have totally
      obscured the underlying value of this business. But that
      aside, the tea leaves say we're in for a bit of a rally
      from here.

    • Today's volume is headed for a 3 times normal volume day based upon volume as of 1:00 EST. Why so many buyers? The buyer way outway the sellers right now. WHAT"S GOING ON!!!

    • noooooooobody expects the Spanish

      (those sheep shearers and shorts in item 4) don't

      (and neither can I)

      Too Many Anxious Concerns
      Keep Exacerbating 'Rithmetic

    • this really you?

      "I am saddened for
      the employees of CCA that work everyday to make
      CCA/PZN what it is.

      The strongest of leaders are
      the ones that can admitt their mistakes, I hope all
      of you employees will find that."

      P.S. I am
      not an employee

    • I have heard contrary to what you have heard on a
      buyout. It is my understanding a major movement is in the
      works to take control from Doc. This is also a rumor
      but from an individual who was a former director. I
      see no big gains or loses for the time being but a
      gentle restructuring that will bring PZN to the 20 level
      within two years. Two years may seem long comparing the
      gains made in recent years in the equities markets but
      times are changing long term PZN will be a safe place
      to be.

      • 1 Reply to buselli45
      • someplace. For the past year you keep resurfacing
        with your profound analysis of PZN. Why should you
        care? It's obvious that you don't own any shares. What
        is your motivation? I ask you again and again, "What
        is your motivation for posting on this board" Your
        not long and your to stupid to be short. Are you a
        union employee? Who gives a F**k what you think anyway.
        I do believe that you are an incarcerated
        individual who has access to a computer.

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