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  • flipper_58 flipper_58 Dec 3, 1999 10:46 AM Flag

    Vanguard Funds comes into the picture

    4 BARCLAYS BANK PLC 09/30/99 1,980,555
    FIRST PACIFIC ADVISORS, INC 09/30/99 1,500,000
    ABKB/LA SALLE SECURITIES 12/31/98 1,458,600
    7 BAMCO
    INC. 09/30/99 1,409,012
    INC 06/30/99 1,220,444
    CO. 09/30/99 1,155,123
    (THE) 09/30/99 1,121,911

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    • I once posted something about Hutto's connection
      to the ACA and got a response from him. Just goes to
      show that insiders are here and spreading the PZN/CCA
      gospel. PZN is not alone in its quest to reach new depths
      - other corrections companies are also taking a
      hit. Its already an unfashionable stock and then you
      have the conflicts of interest and lack of integrity.
      Maybe Doc can sell the rights of this story to
      Hollywierd and get stockholders some of their money back.

    • PZN is priced today at CCA 1995 price. As you
      seem to know CCCA-PZN well, you are aware of that, if
      noone else is.

      Over its live PZN is making news
      lows weekly, to be at its lowest point today. No
      bottom yet.

      CCA became speculative 3 years ago
      before crashing on REIT news. This tells me that RIET is
      down because there is no story there. REIT could be
      dead issues. Nobody wants them.

      Now I
      understand long term. If you look at it for 5 years, which
      is long term to me, PZN has lost you a lot of money
      on inflation. If you want to be in it 10 years from
      now, be my guest, that is your money....

      bought CCA 2 years ago, got screwed because I did not
      want a REIT (voted against). Stuck with it because
      many here, like cleo and Al. said it was a FANSTASTIC
      deal and would make this company the next powerhouse.
      I figured I was wrong... I guess now I wasnt. My
      main problem was conflict of interests.

      Now you
      guys, having blessed that screwey deal, are telling me
      how good of a deal this stock is long
      Well, the price chart of the past 5 years of CCA and
      PZN and the past jugdgments of long termers on this
      board speak for themselves.

      You are right: I do
      not know a lot about prisons and I do not have
      factual info about wall street traders but I keep an open
      mind and have eyes to see and recognize a stock that
      is done. And I am taking my $40K loss next week
      before dividend hoping for a spike in price and before
      it turns into a $50K loss by next year.

      be $5 is the real stable price of that REIT.

    • You have no substance behind claims.
      is selling REITS to extremes just as
      they are
      buying techs to extremes.

      Look at KIDS or WHC,
      same industry, same crash
      in stock

      PZN is a 10 year hold. That is the way to look
      it when buying. Day to day moves will make

    • Is company done?????

      IR is not replying to me...they suck.

    • Where did you ever get the idea that the price of a stock had any bearing on bankruptcy? Bankruptcy comes from not being able to pay your bills, not from investors not wanting to own your stock.

    • As that number slowly increases the past damage
      starts to fade.

      I watch this stock trade along
      with hosts of others too. IMO, this stock is trading
      lower due to tax loss selling, not an organized effort
      by some institution unloading stock.

      From the
      3-4 analyst's I've talked too, you won't see anymore
      opinion changes out of them for sometime. They have a lot
      of egg on their faces with their sales staff on PZN.
      Anyone that owns this for clients knows exactly what
      their feeling I'm sure.

      I think this stock price
      has discounted an AWFUL lot. But it doesn't mean that
      it can't go lower due to the HUGE overhead of stock.

      From a trend analysis standpoint, this stock will next
      to "base" for a long time before any powerful,
      sustained move to the upside is made, it makes common
      sense, IMO. There are sellers at a lot of levels

      If this story inproves there will plenty of times to
      get back in, IMO. MAybe not at the exact bottom (that
      thing in our ego that costs us all so much) but
      certainly at a time with plenty of upside left I'd think.

    • in my message 8492? I predicted a year end at $6
      based on the fact that the stock tank with
      predictability $1 each 2 weeks. When I posted last week we were
      the 2nd week at $8.

      This week we are moving to
      $7 by 12/15. That leave us 15 day to $6 by Dec

      Don't ask me why this is. Just look at the chart,. It
      is a fact. WE got a crashing plane noone can sterr
      while I still see over optimistic posts looking at
      details that may become irrelevant soon. My predictions,
      like the handling of the company makes no

      That puts this stock in LA-LA land... I'd rather
      invest in Yahoo at $300, much less risk there than
      here.... You people must realize that this stock has
      stopped trading on rationales or "tax loss". Good stocks
      with fundamentals dont go down just on "tax losses".
      For what I see, they may not even come up with any
      dividends. Management lied before.

      investors are just throwing the towel and moving elsewhere
      because they cant see another way out to recoupe the
      losses. Nothing reliable to graps.

    • Never thought in a million years that PZN
      tumble this low. Isn't there any value to
      business? They do have a credit line

      Am I missing something or is PZN dead?

    • This was a response to me on your question from
      you know who:""He both states, and calculates, that
      to get a combined OPCO/PZN earnings number the
      capitalized fees paid to OPCO have to be expense, because
      OPCO "recognized" them as income. WRONG! OPCO
      capitlized them, too. Thus in Haley's model they are
      deducted twice - once in OPCO's loss, and then again when
      he subtracted them.""

    • It sure looks like bankruptcy looms.

      Any thoughts>?

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