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  • stevemyrlin stevemyrlin Dec 10, 1999 1:15 PM Flag

    It's a miracle!

    I can't believe it, this dog is actually going up!!!YAHOOOOOOOOO!!!

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    • B2Bincubator/linux/

    • my recent post when selling at 10 would buy at sells at 8 would buy at 5...only those that buy
      at 5 will make any money when they have the si
      buyout the company at 8....what else can doc do....doc
      jr and doc ruined this company with their they will screw all shareholder with si buyout at
      8ish with management and a few large institutions
      allowed to stay in...that way their will be no organized
      opposition...only a feww howling chat board members
      ...unfortunately the stock has moved as i thought...and i am
      afraid an 8 buyout is doc only way out for the large
      holders...their silence is legal and plays into their hand...the
      stock falls to 5 a si offers 8...doc has paid atleast
      100mil in investment banking problem finding
      someone to bless the si deal...mer may do it for
      10mil...what is a shreholder to do..not much but if it gets to
      5 raugar buys in a big way..much love doc and
      jr...if you let me in at 5 to take a short ride to 8

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      • It will be interesting to see which one of your
        scenarios play out. They seem to be in contrast to
        eachother. Raugar, I find it curious that you show up here
        every time this stock gets the shit kicked out of it.
        Do you think maybe some shorts got squeezed a little

      • Instead of your scenario, he could sell the SI
        $500 mm worth of stock at about $8 and get their
        unofficial OK to give himself one million options with an $8
        strike price. This would actually be easier to do than
        fight with shareholders and some of the institutional
        holders that would not get invited in under your

        My scenario is a way for doc to get his
        wealth back and to some degree protect his "legacy",
        which some people I know maintain is important to him.

      • Credit where credit is due,

        you knew when to bail, I gotta hand it to

        Are you really seriously considering re-boarding the
        Titanic after it has already hit the iceberg?


        (still looking for a way out with half my skin)

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