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  • prisonanalyzer prisonanalyzer Dec 22, 1999 10:47 AM Flag

    Here is the blurb.

    Company will announce the ENTIRE PACKAGE
    next week...this includes SI plus dividend
    declarations. They want to be able to release
    all of the
    info at once.

    I have order in to buy 20,000 at
    $6 1/16.

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    • I would propose that OPCO become a C Corp and PZN
      not pay any dividend until we can afford it. I would
      like to see PZN stop building speculative beds and
      work toward optimizing the potential revenue available
      from existing facilities. I would like to see OPCO go
      back to the glory days it had when it was CCA. Many of
      us remind me of the fable of the goose and the
      golden eggs. We are doing our best to kill our geese,
      both OPCO,who supplies us with leases, and PZN who we
      depend on for dividends.Unless both of these companies
      prosper, we are going to continue to suffer. OPCO should
      go public and the employees should buy a major
      amount of the stock. The better they do, the better we
      will do. They need the incentive to succeed. We have
      absolutely no business getting a 30% dividend. All that will
      do is get the PZN delisted,and maybe take it to
      bankruptcy. The leases between OPCO and PZN need to be
      restructured so that OPCO is not paying an inflated rate to
      PZN. PZN's rate of return to it's shareholders should
      be pegged around 12%. That's a good return. If we
      suck it up and do something like this, both OPCO and
      PZN can be around for a long time. I also think it is
      in the best interest of the shareholders that Doc
      and Doc Jr. go. If that is not feasable, let them
      rebuild OPCO. We need a different type management in PZN.
      We as stockholders need to do what we can to protect
      our investment in PZN. Let's stop whining and push
      for something constructive. I'm $50,000 down and am a
      very middle class retiree, who remains a stockholder.
      I don't want to be part of the problem, I want to
      be part of a positive solution. JMHO

    • It would appear to me that the Board Of Directors and management of this REIT should end up being long term tennants of their own facilities

    • to pay the dividend. I thought they were going to
      close on the sale of one of the jails to a county in
      FLA before year end. Has this been mentioned before?
      It would certainly be a nice infusion of cash (25

    • 120 or so posts for today..This board has really
      become active and very interesting to read...but then it
      was only a matter of time..some knew it and others
      refused to believe it...glad i'm just reading ...with no
      vested interest anymore..I certainly wish you all luck
      with 911.....

    • 1. Business sense says use the new equity and
      whatever earnings for growth.
      2. Dividends should not
      be paid until this becomes a mature company in a
      mature industry.
      3. Stop worrying about dilution--I'm
      sorry but I think we're into survival here.
      Re-Read the prospectus' risk factors. My recollection is
      that all they ever promised was they would try to
      qualify as a REIT. No shareholder vote is required if the
      BOD determines that conditions have changed enuf that
      it no longer makes good busines sense to pursue the
      REIT strategy.
      5. Yes, the stock will recover
      because the business fundamentals are sound and the
      increasing public failure to provide safe, secure, and
      humane prisons will continue to make privatization a no

    • 1.They will pay the .20 per share dividend by

      2.The regular dividend will be paid in

      3.The stock will have 50% dilution unless some special
      deal is made..

      4.A decision to be a C CORP OR

      5. The stock
      will recover and in the long term
      we will all make
      money. The long term is not 6 months.

    • If they go to a C-Corp.

      I think they
      planned on getting dividends.
      Read prior

      This company makes me sick sick sick.

      Are all
      REIT managers dishonest or what?

      RULES!!!! and DOC stands to make a handsome payday with his
      OPCO shares.


      I need to sign off...I AM WAY TOOOOO


    • I have unloaded yesterday late PM following my
      post. the thing looks just too awful. You must be
      truely rich to afford losing so much money.

      the latest developments, you guys better rethink how
      much cash you'll need in the next year because some of
      you will be in real paint over this next

      The sale acceleration is excately what I was afraid
      of and mentioned in my previous posts.
      God I made the right call yesterday.

      I wish
      you all luck and I may pop here once in a while to
      follow up to verify on my strategies.

      No none
      here can tell I have not warned you. Yet the stock is
      still overvalued given the big guys reactions.

      probably was wrong in my $6 prediction. Looks that $4-5
      will be the number and you aint gonna get any cash any
      time soon from that stock.

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