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  • mr_jmp mr_jmp Dec 23, 1999 11:47 AM Flag

    We discuss ourselves into...

    continuous circles on this board. There seems to
    be a lot of intelligent people who have a lot of
    theroies along with some who only want to confuse and
    riducle those of us who have real vested interests here(I
    subject that many who post here don't even own any
    shares). I believe the following:

    1. The special
    divdend must be paid as they promised...not that much to
    begin with.

    2. The 95% has to be paid only if
    they don't de-REIT.

    If #1 doen't happen...class
    action lawsuit time.

    If 32 happens...same thing
    because all of the people who bought or continued to
    average down to hold a stock that would pay a better than
    average return.

    It would also appear that DOC and
    company knew all this was coming for a lot longer than we
    all suspected, due to untrue or vague statements from
    them. Any way you slice it, DOC and company will come
    out smelling like a rose...and they knew it all
    along. I would say I must go along with RM at this time
    and vote no to de-REITing.

    PS. What about all
    the people who in their disgust went ahead an sold
    for a tax loss based on the lack of news or the delay
    in announcing the distribution of any didvends?
    Class action or maybe even personal lawsuits against
    DOC himself? Any comments?

    Good luck and happy
    investing to everyone and happy holidays too!

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