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  • mr_jmp mr_jmp Dec 23, 1999 9:18 PM Flag

    is anyone here bullish

    you said it all again, but as usual,oh so
    eloquently and proffesional sounding. The people who post on
    this board are definitely in the groups you mentioned.
    I have the misfortune to fit into the first group
    but I have learned one thing at least from investing
    in the stock must constantly analyize
    the current market conditions and make the best
    decision you can about your postions with all the
    information you can gather and then, play your hand. After
    you see what is dealt you, you look at the facts
    again and have another go at it. Those who don't
    understand the fickle nature of stocks need a good money
    market savings account for their money and a new way of
    life. I, along with others do not appreciate the "I
    told you so types" who always seem to have the
    proverbial 20-20 hind sight. I would like to see all their
    other posts to see just how accurate they really are.
    You could take the stock opinions of a street person
    and single out the ones that prove to be on target
    (after the fact) and make them appear to be a brilliant
    forcaster of the markets...but what does that prove? I
    really appreciate the opinions of those who are in the
    same tub as many of us are and even the informed
    opinions of some of the other non-stock-holding posters
    who have the sole intent of helping us with their
    past experience and theie vast knowledge. I do not
    appreciate those who fit the other two groups that are often
    "hecklers" who can sometimes be heard to say "investors
    who...deserve to loose all". What garbage! They should spend
    more time pulling the wings off flies and

    Sorry to vent so much on the board but I submit we
    would all be better for it if all the posters would use
    their collective knowledge to help us all to make the
    best investing decisions possible. Thanks to all who
    use their energy posting informative and interesting
    dialouge on this and other boards.

    Good luck, happy
    investing and happy holidays.

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    • I am a subset of group two. I was fortunate
      enough to resist the temptation to buy this pig for its
      high yield, but by no means am I heckling anyone who
      did. It's one of those 'but for the grace of God,
      there go I moments'. I do find it refreshing that some
      of the posts lately are starting to focus on a
      discussion of how to avoid costly investment mistakes like
      'averaging down', and holding all the way through a long
      decline. The long time posters here, especially the
      long-suffering ones, would do well to take advantage of this
      opportunity to reflect on ways to use this experience as a
      lesson learned the hard way, and stop wasting their time
      speculating about dividends, REIT status, law-suits, etc. It
      is a complete waste of time, energy, and the boards
      resources to have a twenty-four hour a day circle jerk
      about what is going on fundamentally with this company.
      Its all so tragically simple: this stock has been in
      a downtrend, and should have been sold a long time
      ago. Anyone who didn't do so is wrong. Period. When
      the share price starts to rise, it will be time to
      buy. Period. It is not more complicated than that.
      People who don't have the discipline to sell losers and
      buy winners should be in a money market acct., and
      stop bitchin' about how Doc is the Anti-Christ. No one
      made you ride this thing down except you, and only YOU
      can prevent forest fires. Now fire away. I'm sure my
      post is exactly what some of you didn't want to hear
      on Christmas eve, but it is my story, and I'm
      stickin' to it. Merry Christmas, and better luck next year
      to all PZN'ers.

      • 3 Replies to glass_mengerie
      • I hope you won't consider this response "firing
        away", as I found your post interesting and more than
        anything else a good argument for utilizing Technical
        Analysis instead of the Fundamental type employeed by most
        on this board.

        Only recently have I begun to
        even look at the charts to help me arrive at
        investment conclusions and I think there's good reason. Up
        until the past 5 years, which is a blink of the eye as
        far as I'm concerned, Technical Analysis wasn't
        widely utilized because (IMO) people didn't need an
        explanation for meteoric price

        Traditional analytic methods simply don't support the rise
        we've seen in some indexes and stocks of the .com
        variety. Most people have to have a reason "why" before
        they are comfortable enough to invest and Technical
        Analysis gives them that. Often I hear T/A's say they
        don't need a reason to buy or sell but I say they do -
        "The chart looks good, so buy". Well, that's a

        Perhaps one thing your might consider about most of the
        posters on this board is that we are business people
        first and investors second (or 3rd, 4th). As such,
        whatever level of financial/professional success we've
        achieved in this world has been done through Fundamental
        type actions and so it's difficult for us to not
        attempt to utilize those business skills in our
        investment decisions.

        In his business ventures, MK
        doesn't choose to invest in a new project just because
        the historic charts look good. I suspect he educates
        himself by attempting to look past tomorrow, as best he
        can while looking at the REASONS why the past has
        been good and forecasting if those past reasons will

        In growing his investment business,
        flipper uses alot of legwork, account management, contact
        development and old school research.
        Whatever legel of
        professional and financial success I've achieved has been
        gained through similar fundamental work.

        glass, I
        suspect that by now I've bored you to tears and you're
        wondering what the point is. The point is that most posters
        on this board have utlized fundamental business
        tools to develop their businesses and portfolios. It's
        hard for us to switch horses at this point and just
        look at the charts. As far as the utilization of board
        resources goes, I suspect we are in fact using them in the
        way in which the founder's intended, free-flowing
        sharing information with tolerance for other's posts. If
        You want to use the boards to discuss ascending
        triangles and breaks from congestion, I think that's also a
        good use.

        And Finally!, before adopting such a
        condescending tone, you might want to consider how someone like
        MK still has a huge capital gain with this stock.
        Consider also how someone like flipper, who admits to a
        $100,000+ loss, will offset that loss many times over with
        gains from another month. As for me, all I'll say is
        that if I utlized Stops and followed other T/A
        guidance in the past, I'd be going back to work Monday. I
        succeeded by riding a few stock from 5 to triple digits
        over a 15 year period because I believed in the
        fundamentals of those businesses despite the stock's
        short-term movements.

        To jump on a stock board and
        make sweeping and final criticisms of everyone there
        is akin to opening a novel, reading 2 pages from
        chapter 7 and then rendering a final opinion on the whole

      • This post flys in the face of all legitimate
        posters on this board. I mostly lerk here and monitor
        things because there is knowledge shared round the
        clock. You really have no clue as to how "boards
        resources" are meant to be utilized. However and with all
        due respect, please refrain from any further
        amateurish lectures! For they only define who you are and do
        not really impact anyone here.

      • you are right about this stock for now, anyway.
        If I had the hindsight that you have now or the
        foresight to know what was going to happen with PZN I would
        have sold when I was up $100,000.
        But I can tell
        you that while you are right today, you may or may
        not be right 2 years from now. One of the toughest
        lessons I've learned is to stay the course, I,ve lost the
        most money when I've "panicked out" of a stock only to
        watch the stock come back and double or triple after
        I've sold.
        The biggest lesson I can take home with
        this thing is not to go in quite so heavy on one
        position. But, while I'm down now in the high six figure
        mark (and feel like an ass about it) my lifestyle has
        not changed one iota. If I lose everything on PZN, I
        still won't have to work tommorrow.
        Will this
        stock recover? My sense is yes,but it may take a couple
        of years and certainly not back to the 40 level,
        maybe the high teens. My biggest fear is the RAUGAR
        scenario where they take this thing private for 8-10 a
        share and I never am able to recover my current
        In any case, I look at my entire portfolio and
        it's down 5% today, even with this dog, and realize
        that with a 4 point move to the upside I am back to
        This board is an outlet for many to rationalize
        and speculate about their investments. For posters in
        your category, it is to come here and tell the
        investors how stupid they are. It used to piss me off, but
        I've also learned that there are so many posters out
        there like you that think they know the game it is not
        even funny. Most are inconsequential players, as I
        suspect you are.
        Merry Christmas to you as well. I
        believe next year WILL be better for all of us
        BTW if this thing recovers will you come back and
        tell us what a great job we did by hanging in there?

    • I hear you. I am seriously evaluating my stock picking ability. This one definitely falls under the "if it sounds to good to be true" category when considering the yield we were supposed to get.

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